How to Build an International Brand through Eunimart -Part 2

how to build an international brand through eunimart- part 2
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In the last decade, if there is any sector that has sprung up like never before, it undoubtedly has to be Ecommerce. Ecommerce is the new wind-word for both sellers and buyers worldwide of late. As such, the blurry existence of international Ecommerce until a few years back has become unclouded and systematised nowadays and is gaining prominence. What is binding together the entire network of international Ecommerce and making related activities easier and more convenient is the new trend of aggregators. To be specific, aggregators like Eunimart have become the primary work force for making your brand go international these days.


Building a powerful global brand requires a lot more than just coming up with an impressive website that can be accessed from any part of the world with just a click. There is a high probability that you might take up wrong moves and go astray trying to make your brand reach the international boundaries all by yourself; you need to be extremely mindful of the implications. Getting in touch with an aggregator like eUniMart can assist you to successfully reach and compete on the global stage without any pitfall mainly in the following ways:
  • Greater data analytics: Data analytics converts numbers into words for uncovering hidden patterns, correlations and other insights for supporting brands in an international marketplace and serving their customers better. It allows you to study huge sets of data relating to Cross-border and draw conclusions about that information for approving or disapproving it. An Ecommerce aggregator furnishes you with much more comprehensive data analytics for setting realistic goals and accomplishing them accordingly.
  • Better marketing plans: An influential marketing plan is very much required for a brand that is keen on going global. A strategic plan for international Ecommerce ensures that your products don’t get lost in the crowd of thousands of products by other competitor brands. This is a requisite to increase your online presence, convert the traffic into paying clients and also to drive repeat orders. Seeking assistance from an Ecommerce aggregator can actually fetch you more profitable marketing plans for your business.
  • Quick access to many marketplaces: Selling on multiple-channels across the very best marketplaces in the world can actually boost the visibility of your products by making use of the core competencies of each of these platforms. In order to acquire higher levels of sales and net profit, your products must be present where your customers are. It is impossible for you to quickly get in through many markets all at the same time and imbibe the standards of the same. An Ecommerce aggregator can simplify the task as they have access to multiple markets and possess a strong know-how of the market norms.


Scaling up your brand from the local to the global powerhouse is one of the most backbreaking challenges you might possibly face. Having a persistent global positioning strategy is vital not only for entering the global markets but also for further business expansion; if otherwise, you might risk becoming obsolete even before establishing your foothold. Most of the brands, therefore, follow a holistic

3-stage plan while intending to break through the international markets, which are as following:

  • Understanding Customer Demographics: Customer demographics classifies customers into different segments or profiles based on their similarities in terms of age, gender, inclination, spending habits and so on. This is required for presenting yourself as a brand in a way that is acceptable on the marketplaces and for checking which segments or profiles of customers actually offer higher ROI. The businesses accordingly allocate resources for those higher revenue yielding segments.
  • Proper plan to approach markets through combined online and offline channel mix: It is always much easier to penetrate into a new marketplace by making your online presence first and then slowly approaching offline channels. In an era where customers interact to both the worlds equally, using both online and offline marketing channels would reach them the best. Using both the marketing channels doesn’t imply running separate campaigns rather a perfect integration of the two.
  • Coming up with a complete market entry plan: A strategic market entry plan helps in assessing the potential of every growth opportunity that can be made use of. This includes phases like calculating range of the targeted markets, setting reasonable expectations, projecting cost benefit, targeting competitor’s customer base and so on. A bad bet can actually bog down the entire investment made. Investing the optimum levels of resources following a complete market entry plan creates success in the targeted markets.


Previously the brands that aimed for global expansion failed miserably because most of them straightaway jumped to stage three without paying heed to the first and the second. Now, with the upsurge of Ecommerce aggregators, things have become much more streamlined and thus brands that are poised for reaching the international boundaries are accomplishing it par brilliance. An Ecommerce aggregator like Eunimart will not only guide you with the 3-stage plan but also position yourself as one of the top most brands in the international Ecommerce front.

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