Retailers – Time to expand your business into International Marketplace

Retailers- TIme to expand your business into international marketplaces
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International expansion is not a thing of the future, it is here and it is now!

A cross-border e-commerce international expansion has many benefits for both retailers and wholesale exporters. Irrespective of these business categories, e-commerce platforms don’t know to discriminate them luckily.

Below are a few of the challenges for e-commerce export opportunities in India to overcome and a few tips and tricks to help you in establishing successful e-commerce export for your retail business.


When it comes to unavoidable barriers to overcome, there are 3 major ones that you need to prioritize. There are a few minor ones which can be handled as and when they arise.

A simple website translation to the local language will not cut it. When it comes to e-commerce, you need to do something much more than that to catch the eye and get the spark in your export through-commerce.

  • Local Networks: Since we are novel to the location, we will not know the local networks and how they work. Even though we have numbers of the most recent market analysis along with the predicted numbers for the next few months, it will not suffice. This challenge can be overcome by:
    • hiring local talent
    • The second solution would be to strategize around social media in all local communities of that location to familiarize yourself with the trend and the most popular websites being used to advertise your products and services.
  • Culture and the Language barrier: Selling globally has many benefits but it might cause disruption when it comes to different cultures and language barriers. The literal translation from your language to the native one will not give you the results that you’re after. Profound knowledge of the local culture and a few subtle changes are needed in your website. That being said, local talent will do justice for you here as well. You can overcome this challenge by:
    • Using a local payment gateway and their language with simplicity as your goal, you could certainly do wonders.
    • Keep in mind that you are conveying the message about your products and services, so the key is- keep it as simple as possible.
  • Expenditure: Local logistics costs cannot be clear to you. The expenditure on logistics would be a burden if it exceeds a certain point. You might be facing a huge loss if it continues. So, you need to ensure that you have local vendors or logistics service providers take care of the delivery with minimal charges.

Initially, you may face a few hurdles but it will be streamlined once you have a constant flow of products moving cross-borders via e-commerce exports India projects.

With relevant knowledge about these hurdles, now, all you need to do is focus on these few tips and tricks which will assist in a smooth and hassle-free transition for international expansion.

Tips to overcomes cross-border challenges

The below point are self-explanatory which you can use to gauge your approach towards cross-border Ecommerce:

  • Know the market and marketplace
  • Develop a strategy and a few business plans around that strategy
  • A team of veterans is a must, in this case, don’t go for local talent hunt on the get-go
  • Product and organization should be ready to accept this new venture and meet the consumer needs
  • The expert legal team for your assistance if any needed
  • Taxation and finance should be up to date
  • The budget for your business plan
  • Target local businesses and make fruitful relationships with them

The approach towards domestic e-commerce might seem similar to cross border e-commerce, but here’s the catch:

  • Knowing how the business model translates to the local language
  • Investigate target markets well before you make your strategy
  • Don’t hesitate to seek advice and assistance from proper and reliable sources

Wrapping it up

Retail export from India increases the overall economy of the country, you will be contributing towards building a more stable economy for the country along with improving your financial status.

These tips and tricks will help in a successful international expansion to all you retailers.

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