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Buying expirence personalised
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What a person buys is his personal choice; it is something that suits his character and personality. Simultaneously he buys more when his buying experience online is personalized and he can get what suits him. It is the sellers work to provide the buyer with a personalized shopping experience. ‘Today Buying Experience Personalized’ is nothing less than a winning strategy. No company can rely just on his products anymore; they need to give customers an outstanding shopping experience if they are to survive. Research has established that while 74% customers find it annoying when items that they don’t want or like crop up while they search, another 48% spend more when they feel that their shopping experience is tailored to suit their needs, it’s as if they are ‘for your eyes only’! This leads to more revenue being generated as the customer is likely to spend more. It has also been claimed by marketers that this strategy has paid off well.

To achieve this you need to build good relations with your customers, the following steps will help you achieve that:

  • Provide Tailored messages: Tailored messages create impact and today’s empowered customers are in control of everything about them, driving every relationship including the one with the seller. Personalizing the journey of a customer is all about increasing sales by showing that you care. The worry amongst sellers is about the lack of tools to make the customer shopping experience ‘terrific’. Therefore they need to know about the use of automation and how to leverage customer data to create an awesome shopping experience through digital transformation.
  • Segregation: Segregate your customer base as per their individual needs. Send only content that is of relevance to each customer. For example an offer on women’s shoes would go down better with a female customer unless the male customer was purchasing a gift which is highly unlikely. Therefore show the same offer to women clients exclusively. Grouping of customers actually amounts to spamming so remember the mantra you need to use, that is to make ‘Buying Experience Personalized.’
  • Geo Targeting: Implement geo targeting so that the sizes/ language matches the region and is more appealing to customers out there. So discounts can also be appropriately offered be it seasonal or be it festival specific, or be it holiday centric related to the region. So what customers see in UK may not be what customers see in the US nor will their interest be the same.
  • Feedback: Provide feedback forms to encourage customers to share their views and lend an ear to them. If there is the necessity to improve your service then take the opportunity to do so and encourage customers thereby. It is not unknown for customers to abandon the cart because they feel neglected.
  • Tools: Use of interactive tools help to personalize the experience and even those who have not registered will feel the urge to set up an account with you. This is also a part of your winning strategy in the process of making the ‘Buying Experience Personalized.’
  • Email: Send personalized emails and avoid being too formal. The subject line of the email can be used to tag the customers in order to avoid being dumped in the spam folder.
what customers want?

It is beneficial to remember that when your aim is to have ‘Buying Experience Personalized’ you will automatically create a user friendly and highly personalized buying experience. The experience gives customers the ease of making a purchase. So this is an important tool to retain customers. As banks use ‘KYC’ so also should the sellers only the method is different, the purpose is also a little different. You know your customer not by digging into his financial details but his personal data in order to deliver an awesome shopping experience. For this it is advisable to not only create an activity feed but also anticipate their needs and create personalized curate content accordingly.

To create a feed you need to trace their shopping behavior and use the data to show them their most relevant content when required. Remember that customer experience is indeed a ‘competitive differentiator’ among brands and if strategically taken care of can be extremely beneficial to the seller.

It is also important to see the buying experience from both perspectives, that of the buyer and the seller. “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back to the technology – not the other way around.” It is the buyer who knows what he wants and what satisfies them and the seller needs to gauge this in order to make conversions and personalize every buying experience. The buying experience of course starts with browsing and sometimes leads to the actual purchase. A customer might switch to another vendor, abandoning his cart but that does not mean he did not have a buying experience. The seller’s task is to convince the buyer through appealing offers and products to stay on your page, read reviews and then convert. This leaves the digital trail you are looking for to leverage and provide a more personalized experience the next time. You can even offer something special for first time buyers and then incite them into registering with you which can lead to follow up emails that make him interested to return and shop with you. That would be a great ‘Buying Experience Personalized’ model.

At Eunimart we feel that you should let buyers have an awesome unique personal interaction on your site, this can be a deciding factor leading to purchase. Give them lots of information about products to further enrich their experience. Regular interaction with buyers can give a fair idea of what they want or what is their satisfaction level. Our experience tells us that customers want help in making better decisions and also to make the journey smooth and easy. Our solutions will help you not just to sell but to achieve what you are targeting.

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