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Making money through the digital medium is easier than it sounds. One of the ways to do so is through online selling. Shop101 is an online app built exclusively for selling purposes. It allows you to sell with the help of resellers or agencies. You also don’t need to incur any cost to register as a shop101 seller. You can choose the products that you want to sell with your profit margins. It is much more convenient than tying up with other parties. You control 100% of your business and share 0% of your profits as a seller with shop101.

Follow These Steps To Become A Supplier On Shop 101

Download the app, sign up as a seller, choose your products, add your profit margins and Voila!! You are a registered Shop101 seller.

Register Your Business

After you download the seller Shop101 app, the first step is to register your business. To do that, you need to create an id and password at the shop101 seller login page. You will also need to provide basic information like name, contact number, address, identity proof and bank details. These details are essential to register as a seller.

Qualify The Background Check

Post registering as a seller on shop 101; the company will do a background check on your business. They will verify whether your identity and bank details are genuine or not. They will also check the background proofs you have provided on the shop 101 seller panel. This step is essential to register your business in their portal.

Start Listing Your Products

Once you have registered your business, you can proceed towards listing your products. The Shop101 seller panel has an enviable collection of Indian and western fashionwear. You can choose the product which can offer decent profit margins for your business. You can also opt for trendy or best-selling products to enhance your prospects of making a sale.


Benefits Of Selling On Shop 101

A broad reseller market. Competitive profit margins. Secure logistics and payment. Superior Quality checks. Need we say more?

Quality Check

The products listed for selling on the Shop101 seller panel go through rigorous quality checks. The portal lists only genuine and defect-free products for their users. It helps everyone trust the shop101 brand. Selling high-quality products will also improve the prospect of repeat sales. Quality checks are also an essential part of attracting more customers in the long run.

Huge Profit Margins

The supplier at shop101 gets to decide their profit margins. The margins are over and above the wholesale prices for these products. Suppliers can price these products below MRP and still make huge profits on this portal. They don’t have to pay a single rupee as commission to Shop101 for sale. This means that they get to keep all the profits for themselves.

Secure Payments

The Shop101 seller portal ensures a secure payment procedure for their suppliers’ profits. Their earnings, bonuses and cash rewards get credited to their account every Friday. They also have a robust customer support system to take care of any payment disputes. A well-oiled payment process allows everyone to trust the platform and continue using it without any hesitation.

Logistics Support

Shop101 takes care of delivering the product to the customer without any hassles. They are responsible for picking up the product from suppliers. They also conduct thorough quality checks to make sure that the product is 100% genuine. They also handle the return of products from customers. They take the logistics part of your business, leaving you free to devote your complete energy to selling the product.

Huge Reach

Shop101 allows suppliers to access a vast market. The fact that they have processed more than one crore orders gives a fair idea about their reach. People from various demographics have made Shop101 their preferred fashion destination. Registering on the Shop101 seller panel login portal allows you to open the gateway to a buyers’ market waiting for your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list my product on Shop101?

Register yourself on Shop101 App, create your store and click photos of your products with description and price. Your phone number will be verified through an OTP (One-Time-Password) while entering the details during the store set-up. Voila, your website is ready to start selling with your own website link.

What is Shop101 app?

The Shop101 App is a reselling platform and is the easiest way to sell online on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram at no commission. Anyone can create their FREE account to sell products online at no commission with minimal documentation.

How is Shop101?

Shop 101 enables merchants to sell online and via social media by creating an online store for them. It is a mobile-first platform which helps sellers build their own website on their phone.

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