What is 2GUD?

Know Everything about 2GUD | A Launch by Flipkart
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2GUD is an e-commerce marketplace created by Flipkart. It operates both in the refurbished and brand-new product categories. The refurbished section has 40 product categories including smartphones, TV sets, laptops and more.  It has recently expanded into the brand-new goods segment in over 150 categories. 2GUD has become a one-stop marketplace for both new and refurbished items in the country. These products are available at affordable price ranges catering to different market segments. The new products include women and kids fashion apparel, toys, accessories, sports, home decor and stationery. This strategy has helped 2GUD to address the needs of two different sets of consumers.

Brand Message by 2GUD

2GUD is a brand that represents convenience, value, trust and affordability. With both refurbished and brand new goods, this e-commerce platform can attract a wider base of consumers. It doesn’t compromise on the quality of products. At the same time, it is also offering exclusive discounts to its customers regularly. It is also tying up with offline malls and stores to bring them online and encouraging customers to buy their merchandise. Both buyer and seller will find exemplary value on this website. Its enviable collection of products is far superior to other e-commerce platforms.

Steps to Become a Seller on 2GUD

There are only three steps to start selling on 2GUD: Register, upload your product catalog and start selling.


The first step in 2GUD seller registration is to download the app. Then go to the 2GUD seller login page and provide the reauired details. You have to give basic information like name, contact, address, GSTIN, canceled cheque and bank account details. If you don’t have a bank account in the name of a business, you need to open one. You will also need to provide documentary proof for these details. Once these documents get verified you will be able to proceed further. 

Listing Products

Post registering your business, you can proceed towards listing your products. The 2GUD portal has an enviable collection of different product categories for their customers. The seller opts for products that offer a competitive profit margin for their business. The portal also provides guidance on ‘how to sell on 2GUD’ through services like product photography and cataloging. It will help to make your product listing more attractive for customers. At present, there are more than a hundred sellers on this portal.

Manage, Track & Sell

You can manage your product catalog and orders on the seller 2GUD platform with zero issues. You can also track details related to the listing like the number of views. You can also find out further details about those who viewed the product. This will help you understand more about the visibility of your product listing. You can use that information to target the demographic group which is checking out your products. 

Things to Remember

Now that 2GUD has moved to the Flipkart website, its visibility will enhance significantly. This will also help 2GUD attract a new set of consumers who visit the website for brand new products. This new initiative will allow 2 GUD to serve a much more diverse category. As more consumers know about what 2GUD is, its appeal will increase exponentially. To get regular updates about the E-commerce scenario within and outside the country, visit here.

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