Guide to Ecommerce Shipping in India

definitive guide to ecommerce shipping partners and solutions in india
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In this guide, we will explain why it is crucial to choose a reliable shipping partner, discuss top E-Commerce Shipping partners in India, and we will also explain the process to help you choose the best shipping partner for your business.

Why is it important to Choose a reliable Shipping Partner

The main goal of any business is profitability, and finding an affordable shipping partner is a pivotal step towards achieving this goal. Furthermore, if you want to offer a great shopping experience to the buyers, you should focus on choosing a shipping partner who can ensure that you are repeatedly meeting your delivery commitments without fail. If you have never used a shipping partner before, below are few reasons for you to reconsider your decision.
  • Technology: A shipping partner offers technology solutions that empower online merchants with full control and visibility. Additionally, some shipment partners also provide value add services like intelligent dispatch solutions, insights, analytics, etc.
  • Shipping Speed: A key to impressing a new customer (or retaining an existing one), happens to be on-time deliveries. A reliable shipping partner is critical for meeting promised delivery timelines.
  • Services and Accountability: Shipment providers tend to focus on particular industries or businesses. Furthermore, an experienced provider can provide specialized services in the desired industry, ensuring a partnership that best caters to your needs.
  • Tracking: The best way to have proper visibility of the valuable products being shipped is by having extensive end-to-end tracking. Irrespective of the mode of transit (air or surface), it is ideal to have real-time tracking. This ensures that the customers are happy knowing the whereabouts of the products until it reaches their doorstep.
  • Growing Demand: If you intend to expand your business worldwide, you need a reliable shipping partner that can handle your business’s international orders. If the shipping partner is unable to meet your company’s growing demands, you risk losing the entire market due to negative customer reviews.

Top 7 E-Commerce Shipping Partners in India

Looking for an affordable shipping partner that fits your business plan is not an easy task at hand. However, to ensure that your company has the best shipping partner you need to know the reputed shipping partners in india, below is the list of 7 top E-Commerce Shipping Partners in India

  • DHL: DHL is known for delivering excellence to millions of online buyers everyday. Known for its standard delivery timelines and economical shipping charges, DHL Ecommerce has its global presence across 220 countries worldwide.
  • FedEx: FedEx, the world leader in logistics services, has simply enabled sellers to reach out to their prospective buyers with rapid, trustworthy and on-time deliveries. FedEx Corporation caters to nearly 3.6 million or more successful shipments every single day.
  • DELHIVERY: Delhivery has helped reach buyers across South East Asia, USA, UK, UAE, AUS. It has an express delivery service of 7-9 working days with a customer base of 150,000.
  • India Post: India Post is a government-operated postal system in India . India Post, with its network of 1,54,965 Post Offices, is the largest postal network in the world.
  • ARAMEX: Aramex is an international express, mail delivery and logistics services company based in Dubai. Aramex has its presence in 54 countries and a network consisting of 40 independent express companies.
  • Janio: Janio is an integrated logistics solutions provider based in Singapore, providing solutions across 15 markets. It is providing services in Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mainland China and Thailand.
  • UPS: UPS operates in more than 220 countries and territories. It has more than 1800 operating facilities and delivers 20 million packages and documents daily. UPS is one of the leading global providers of specialized transportation and logistics services headquartered in the US.

What are Shipping Solutions?

A shipping solutions provider brings many carriers into one platform to offer brands an efficient way to handle shipping. Many brands choose shipping solutions providers because they offer plug-and-play features and one-stop for taking care of all activities related to shipping. They also provide better visibility across shipping partners’ pricing, which helps them choose the most affordable one; this saves time and effort for brands by not contacting numerous shipping partners.

Top Shipping Solutions for Indian Ecommerce Companies

  • Eunimart: Eunimart comprehensively addresses the diverse requirements and challenges of Supply Chain Companies and Brands for omni-channel automation and management with AI across 100 countries.The power of Eunimart is derived from the easy integrations and rule based automation built for all the Retail Points of Sales and Ecommerce channels, marketplaces and stores, domestic and global.
  • Shiprocket: Shiprocket provides efficient services to Ecommerce traders for their business expansion. It also offers different types of pricing plans to sellers based on their business needs. It provides services to over 20000+ pin codes on cash on delivery.
  • ShipYaari: ShipYaari provides its services domestically and internationally. It has different pricing plans for online sellers based on their business needs. However, it does not provide multi-location pickup.
  • Shipkaro: Shipkaro offers cash on delivery support at 20000+ pin codes, helping online sellers expand their business. It has 3 pricing offers to online traders: individual, business, and enterprise to provide convenience. Additionally, It gives a huge discount to online sellers for bulk shipping orders.
  • Pickkr: Pickkr works on a pay per use basis, and this concept helps small scale businesses to grow with little investment. It has services for sellers selling domestically as well as internationally. It also provides B2B and B2C shipping. It has 3 price plans to provide convenience to online sellers.
  • Lalamove India: Lalamove India provides services on a pay as you go system. Additionally, it provides the cash on delivery facility, which helps the traders to grow their business.
  • Zepo Couriers: Zepo Couriers provides delivery to 15000+ pin codes in India. It works at reasonable price rates and provides 3 price plans to the e-commerce sellers. It also supports cash on delivery, which gives relief to online traders.

How to choose the correct shipping solution?

Shipping solutions can impact your business positively. The answer does not lie in just offering free shipping, but in strategic shipping which can lead to gaining an edge over your competitors. Smart shipping solutions have been established as a ‘powerful point of differentiation’ for a brand and it is indeed advisable to grow your business.

  • Know your customer: Shipping is all about meeting your customer’s needs efficiently and quickly. Our advice will be to consider the issue that many of your customers are facing in real-time, and then build your shipping solutions based on their needs and requirements.
  • Delivery Timings: Delivery speed is the essence of an Ecommerce business you should consider shipping solutions which provide fastest delivery services.
  • Knowing the products:Every shipping partner has its own set of limitations in terms of dimension, type etc. of the products. Many don’t ship too small packages while many others don’t prefer over-sized ones. It is, therefore, important to know the product well that is being shipped.
  • Customer Support: Remember that every department is involved with shipping in some way or other, but customer support is one of the crucial staff as they are the front face of your organisation. It is extremely important to identify the right people for the job after understanding the requirements of your organization.
  • Charges and Surcharges: The shipping industry is susceptible to all kinds of unpredictable accidents. Making sure that the shipping partner is equipped with a robust insurance coverage plan against all products should be a serious concern while looking for one. Also, a clear discussion about the transparency of hidden costs should be made right at the start to avoid any sort of conflicts later on.
  • Technology Capabilities: A shipping solution should provide enhanced functionality and visibility to the online merchants. It should provide technology-based services like intelligent dispatch solutions, insights, analytics etc. to empower the merchants for excellent customer satisfaction.

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