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To handle the changing business situations effectively, one needs to outsource parts of their business perhaps to an IT solution provider. These solution providers can help you to retain a secure website among other things, thus assuring the best quality services to global customers and this empowers your business.

Outsourcing has become one of the best practices for any company to make business operations smooth. It helps to reduce the burden on the firm and the focus can be on the product which is an important ingredient of ecommerce. Subsidiary processes like social media campaigns, chatbots, inventory management, and logistics are some other departments which can be outsourced. The outsourcing, however, needs to be done with great discretion so that the right people are employed for the right job. When you are selling globally there are specific needs, for example, the language of your website; for better management of this because it matters to the local population, you can outsource the content to local teams as required. The demarcation between what will be outsourced and what can be done in-house must be crystal clear. If the core competencies can be pre-defined it would be an advantage so that by outsourcing something you do not in any way risk your company’s core competencies, which are integral to your success and empowerment as an international ecommerce business.

Eunimart guarantees you foolproof solutions to your ecommerce automation, warehousing and logistics needs and it is recommended that you outsource to gain an advantage in international ecommerce markets. Unlike domestic ecommerce, here you are controlling your business remotely and it does make sense to outsource things like marketing to local companies because to succeed you need to be location-centric.

What are the tasks that can be outsourced by an ecommerce company?

  • Shipping/ Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Service
  • Product Photography
  • Market surveys
  • Data input and data entry
  • Accounting
  • Website management
  • Store Development
  • Product description
  • Product data management
  • Web designing
  • Social media management
benefits of outsourcing

How does outsourcing empower my ecommerce business?

It may seem a little overwhelming at first but outsourcing can empower you because the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.
  • Outsourcing is a huge time saver. An ecommerce business almost always has time constraints. For example, when you need to put up a website or deal with logistics within a limited time frame, you can outsource the task and keep yourself free to concentrate on other things.
  • Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core competency so that you can earn greater profits by streamlining the entire process and prioritizing important tasks that you can personally attend to. Branding could perhaps be one area of concentration. Ultimately the mundane tasks do not have to be handled by Managers.
  • It also helps you to save money because you do not need to employ someone full-time for the job that can be outsourced as and when required. In fact, it is said that you can save up to 90% on upfront costs when you outsource your ecommerce business.
  • Outsourcing means better time management. This is especially so in the case of growing companies where employee duties often overlap and as a result, maximum utilization of talent is missed out upon. In other words, employees should be allowed to focus on their core competencies so that the company benefits and not be diverted to lesser jobs. This is yet another way to empower your ecommerce business.
  • Outsourcing helps to optimize your business by bringing out the best in everyone with a reduced workload.
  • Outsourcing empowers your ecommerce business further because it allows you to explore new markets, promotions and leave the mundane back-office jobs to outsourcing firms that have already made a mark in their niche.
  • With ecommerce bringing global markets closer, consumers are fussy, there is an intensely deep social media penetration and the competition is huge. So it makes sense to be technologically ahead of your competitors by outsourcing particular functions to leaders in the segment and that empowers your international ecommerce business.

It is also difficult for individual ecommerce businesses to get the best rates possible for shipping, marketing or even warehousing. All these elements are essential in the overall cost incurred in Global ecommerce. To properly use industry experts in various departments to improve your business, outsourcing is the best option which can empower your international ecommerce company. For global localization, product fulfilment, managing conversions and subscriptions, it is to your benefit when you outsource because that helps to make your global ecommerce business more efficient. International customers are finicky about services and products and so the time saved by outsourcing can be thus utilized to spruce up the business at your end. You can do this by concentrating on an effective supply chain management, fixing problems as soon as they arise and managing orders and some other things which are better kept under your control so that customer satisfaction can become your priority.

To reach the maximum potential, an ecommerce business should make use of the option to outsource some of its operations where required. EMarketer, a global ecommerce researcher believes that ecommerce sales will far exceed expectations with countries like Brazil, China, India, Argentina, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Italy and Canada driving the growth. E-Marketer further feels that “To reap the benefits of this forecast, ecommerce companies have to ensure that they meet the changing requirements of customers across markets.” To do this effectively one needs to outsource parts of their business perhaps to an IT solution provider. These solution providers can help you to retain a secure website among other things, thus assuring the best quality services to global customers and this empowers your business.

Finally, at Eunimart we provide unique solutions to all your ecommerce needs and we reiterate the importance of outsourcing. It is indeed a powerful tool to automate your business processes, consolidate all your sales channels on a single platform for greater agility in decision-making, order fulfilment, payment reconciliation and tracking in real-time and cost-effective seamless SCMS solutions.

However, it’s important to make sure you are outsourcing the right things. Talk to experts and chalk out a strategy to give your business the boost you always wanted from industry stalwarts while you focus on expansion and partnerships.

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