How to Choose an International Shipping Provider Correctly?

How to choose an international shipping provider
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Making a successful international order delivery is not sufficient for an online Indian merchant; the order should ideally reach the customer across the borders at the earliest in the best possible condition. If there is any aspect apart from quality and price of the product that a potential buyer is concerned about, it is undoubtedly the shipping of the product. In order to offer a great shopping experience to the buyers to retain them, a cross-border Ecommerce business should focus on choosing an international shipping provider that can surpass the buyer’s expectations. 

The following attributes should help in choosing correctly the best international shipper:

  1. Knowing the products:
 Every shipping partner has its own set of limitations in terms of dimension, type etc. of the products. Many don’t ship too small packages while many others don’t prefer over-sized ones. It is, therefore, important to know the product well that is being shipped.
  2. Services and Accountability:
 Shipment providers have the tendency to focus on particular industries or businesses. Getting in touch with a reliable and experienced provider that provides specialized services in the desired industry will ensure a partnership that best caters to the requirements of the online merchants.
  3. Technology: 
A shipping partner should offer technology solutions that give full functionality and visibility to the online merchants. The shipment partner should provide technology-based services like intelligent dispatch solutions, insights, analytics etc. to empower the merchants for excellent customer satisfaction.
  4. Shipping Speed:
 The key to impressing a new customer or to retain an existing one is by providing on-time deliveries. Choosing a shipping partner with really good past records of meeting promised delivery dates should be a priority for a merchant.
  5. Charges and Surcharges: 
The shipping industry is susceptible to all kinds of unpredictable accidents. Making sure that the shipping partner is equipped with a robust insurance coverage plan against all products should be a serious concern while looking for one. Also, a clear discussion about the transparency of hidden costs should be made right at the start to avoid any sort of conflicts later on.
  6. Shipping Flexibility for Customers:
 A shipment partner should offer flexibility in terms of shipping options. It is vital that the provider is able to satisfy all the current as well as future demands of the potential buyers and can successfully meet them. This should encapsulate a variety of shipping options (internationally) for the customers to choose from, irrespective of cost.
  7. Tracking:
 The best way to have a proper visibility of the valuable products being shipped internationally is by having an extensive end-to-end tracking. Irrespective of the mode of transit (air or surface), it is ideal for the shipment provider to ensure real-time tracking. This ensures that the customers are happy knowing the whereabouts of the products until it reaches their doorstep.
  8. API Integration:
 Since time is money, it is imperative that the shipping provider offers an API integrated platform that can sync with the merchant’s Ecommerce store. APIs simplify access to the data or services offered by the shipping partner via end-to-end automation for improvising operational efficiency.

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