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Cdiscount France, one of the key players in French Ecommerce market today, was founded back in 1998 but could only rise to prominence as a leading international marketplace by 2011. Initially, Cdiscount started off as a self-supporting platform but in 2011 it upgraded itself as a third-party platform and called itself Cdiscount marketplace (or C le Marche marketplace). Being affiliated to the Casino Group, Cdiscount’s main strength is its ability to acquire right products at right prices and allowing its customers across France 18,500 parcel pick-up points. With nearly 13 million products listed online on Cdiscount France, it is undoubtedly the second largest marketplace in France after Amazon France. It is not surprising that there are no less than 130,000 orders per day with 23 million active marketplace offers always up and running on the platform.
Why sell on Cdiscount

How vast is the Cdiscount Marketplace?

Cdiscount is acclaimed to be the third-largest marketplace in Europe following UK and Germany. For several years, it was the industry leader in France until very recently Amazon France took over. To gauge how big is the market reach of Cdiscount France, international online sellers need to have a glimpse of the following:

  • Annual Turnover: Cdiscount was accounted to possess an annual turnover of €2.74 Billion. As per Cdiscount’s GMV, the share value of the marketplace is 27.5%.
  • Number of unique visitors: Nearly 11 million visitors visit the marketplace every month. Also, the marketplace witnesses nearly 1 million visitors on an average every day.
  • Number of product categories: There are almost 40 different product categories offered by the marketplace.
  • Valuation of an average cart order: Any average cart order value on Cdiscount is around €110 which implies a decently high regular order volume.
  • Number of registered sellers: An extensive network of 7,000 sellers are registered on the platform.
  • Fan following on Facebook: An active fan following of 1,200,000 people on Facebook affirms the widespread popularity of the French Ecommerce marketplace over the world.
  • Closest Contenders: Cdisount is in constant competition with a number of other French marketplaces like, Zalando, Fnac etc. to be on the top.

Which are the best-selling product categories on Cdiscount?

The C le Marche marketplace expanded its range of product categories and upgraded its stock availability since 2011. Cdiscount is specifically a category-driven marketplace and presently has a kitty of 40 product categories. The best-selling product categories amongst these can be listed as following:

  • Household décor and furniture
  • Electronic appliances
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Books and music
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Baby products
  • Pet products
  • Musical instruments

How will having a presence on Cdiscount benefit sellers?

France has been one of the Ecommerce market leaders in Europe and has consistently managed to acquire one of the top three positions in Europe for several years. Cdiscount France had been leading the French Ecommerce industry for many years until off late it was taken over by Amazon France. Cdiscount’s business model is based on the idea of encouraging more Cross-Border trade as an integral part of its growth strategy. Besides, what can be fascinating than being an active seller on a marketplace that allows setting-up and customization of one’s own e-store. As such, integrating with this marketplace will open up a whole new world of opportunities for international online sellers.

Why Eunimart?

Indian Ecommerce industry today is following the footsteps of Cross-Border trade. Stepping out of the Indian domain and going live on a leading international online marketplace requires a thorough strategic planning and execution for being successful. Eunimart, India’s first B2B international Ecommerce aggregator, can provide essential backend support required for integrating with Cdiscount France and outnumbering the competitor brands for reaching scalable heights.

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