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There would probably be no better time for giving a thought to your Ecommerce strategy. According to data presented by eMarketer and Pitney Bowes, by the close of 2017, the total global online sales value will possibly reach US$2.3 Trillion. It is high time that online Indian merchants step out of the domestic territories and get access to greater international demand for their brands and products. For doing so, it is essential that they present themselves on the ruling international marketplaces. Linio, one of the biggest Ecommerce platforms in Latin America, has become the hub for cross-border for most international sellers in recent years. Having its roots in 8 different countries like Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Panama, Linio is credited for offering the sellers access to nearly 300 million people worldwide. It is no wonder that Linio has drastically emerged as the fastest growing Ecommerce platform over a couple of years.


If there is any racial or ethnic group that has had a profound impact on the world culture in every aspect in the last century, it has to be the Latinos more than anyone else. With a current population of nearly 35 million, Latin America is one of the most diverse and dynamic countries in the world. The predominant languages of Latin America are Spanish and Portuguese. It goes without saying that the entire business clan has explored the economic clout of the Latin Americans and this can be attributed to the increased buying power of the population. The region has a strong internet penetration rate with nearly 2.77 billion internet users as counted till date, which is approximately 66.7% of the total population of Latin America. No wonder, online businesses mount the performance charts par excellence in this region. So for an online Indian merchant seeking to create an impressive feat globally, Linio can be a really great platform to begin with.


Global expansion is both daunting as well as rewarding. For a growth-minded online business owner seeking international exposure, investing in the right online marketplace is extremely significant. Some of the reasons why opting for Linio would be a matter of prudence for an online international seller are as following:

  • Favourable opportunity: Ecommerce is supposedly one of the largest and fast growing opportunities in Latin America. As such, making a bet with one of the biggest Ecommerce platforms in Latin America that have been in operation for 4 years and has an expected 24% annual growth rate would definitely be a remarkable move for an online Indian merchant. Linio, in an attempt to overpower its competitors, allows all the registered sellers to come up with their quality products. This ensures a bigger clientele and higher customer retention for its portal.
  • Wider reach: Having its presence in 8 different countries, Linio attracts nearly 50 million visitors per month. This ensures greater visibility to your products with Ecommerce buyers across 8 countries.
  • Large product chest: Linio offers approximately over 3 million products in its catalogue. The large number of product assortments and SKUs makes way for a much better product catalogue. No wonder, it is acknowledged for having the biggest online catalogue in the entire region. The large product chest makes it quite evident why international sellers increasingly register themselves on the platform.
  • Digital penetration: Nearly 140 million internet users access Linio on a regular basis. An impressive 4.5 million iOS and Android apps have been downloaded for Linio so far. Also, there are nearly 4 million Facebook fans subscribed to Linio’s official Facebook page. This gives a clear picture of the popularity of the platform that can be made use of.
  • User friendly seller centre: Linio makes it easy and convenient to handle its seller centre. The interface is very user-friendly for navigation without too many complications.
  • List of close competitors: Latin America being shaped by a maturing Ecommerce industry, Linio has a host of competitors. Some of these competitors worth mentioning are MercadoLibre, Dafiti, Iguma and Traetelo.


For soaring high on international online marketplaces, Indian merchants need to be confirmed of whether they are selling the right products or not. The key to determining this is by closely knowing and understanding the market standards from local perspective.

For a marketplace like Linio, the best-selling product categories would be Electronics, Fashion, Home Goods, Health & Beauty and Kids & Babies. The products are further divided across 60 sub-categories to make things more organised and sorted. All products should be new, genuine and legal to pass through the customs of the destination countries. So, in order to be one of the finest international sellers on Linio, it is important to streamline the products and abide by the standard requirements of the marketplace.


With Linio, going international has never been simpler and easier before. However, that doesn’t imply you are just a few clicks away from being onboard and selling successfully on the platform. There are many barriers on the platform that need intervention from an Ecommerce aggregator like Eunimart. The highly competent team of Account Managers are always at beck and call to simplify the processes of brand creation, account creation, making products live, error rectification, competitive pricing, payments, logistics and so on.

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