Priceminister: The French Online Marketplace Giant

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Priceminister, the major French Ecommerce biggie as people know it today, was founded back in August 2000 by Oliver Mathiot, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Pierre Krings and Justin Ziegler. In June 2010, Priceminister was acquired by the Rakuten Group, one of the largest Ecommerce companies across the globe based out of Japan. Priceminister runs the online purchase and sale of products for individual sellers and brands based on a reliable third-party model for world-class transactions of goods and services. No wonder, it is the second most widely visited online marketplace in France with an estimated 27 million monthly visits. Priceminister boasts of having one of the largest online communities of users with nearly 21 million registered members on the platform. The reported 25% growth in annual turnover of the online marketplace has evidently made it a key player in European Ecommerce industry based out of France.

Selling in France: Exploring Ecommerce Prospects in Europe

The European Ecommerce industry is thriving year after year; the total annual sales that were accounted for online sales of goods and services at the end of 2016 was an impressive €509.9 Billion. In accordance with this fact, if there is any nation that has proved its remarkable presence in European Ecommerce after UK and Germany, it is undoubtedly France. France is one of the choicest nations around the globe for cross-border trade as it is the third largest economy in Europe and also the sixth largest economy in the world. Also, the centralized location of the country in the heart of Europe and the state-of-the-art infrastructure makes it an even more appealing Ecommerce market in the world. With a cumulative market valuation of €57 Billion from cross-border trade, France is certainly a great consideration for any international seller.

Priceminister: The French Marketplace that’s got it all 

Priceminister, the most widely acclaimed French online marketplace, has got it all for its overwhelming demand amongst online sellers across the world. The key points that make Priceminister the ultimate Ecommerce giant in Europe are as following:

  • Visibility: The marketplace accounts for 9 million visitors per month which is almost equivalent to one-third of all internet users across France. This in itself depicts the widespread visibility of the marketplace that is noticed through display campaigns, themed campaigns, newsletters, merchandising etc.
  • Uniqueness: What distinguishes Priceminister distinctly from other top marketplaces is its quick operational processes and extremely user-friendly interface.
  • Range of Product Categories: Priceminister has an access to a wide range of product categories like Music & Instruments, CDs & DVDs, Consoles & Video Games, Books & Comics, Fashion & Beauty, Home & Electronics, Toys & Childcare, Sports & Leisure and so on.
  • Daily transactions: There are nearly 30,000 to 50,000 transactions taking place every single day on Priceminister. One-third of the total number of these transactions is by French buyers itself.
  • Client Profile: The client portfolio of Priceminister can be identified as 50% male buyers and 50% female buyers. The average age of the buyers on Priceminister ranges between 26 to 50 years which comprises mostly the working population possessing a decent proportion of disposable income.
  • Closest Competitors: Priceminister’s closest competitors in France like, CDiscount, eBay, Zalando, La Redoute etc. give a neck-to-neck competition to the marketplace every moment to be at the top.

Be a Part of Priceminister, Be a Part of Growth

Considering the remarkable growth showed by Priceminister so far, it goes without saying that it’s an impactful platform for all ambitious online sellers around the globe. Being an active part of Priceminister’s journey will thus offer traction to online businesses and help compound their sales.

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