Shopee- A complete guide for cross-border sellers

Shopee- A complete guide for cross-border sellers
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Get ready for the on-going big and exciting Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day sale of 2020, gone were the days when you had to wait for months to increase your sales and maximize the profits. Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day gives you the opportunity to increase your cross-border sales and expand your customer reach. This article will tell you all about how you can make the best of Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day and reach the maximum number of customers during this sale.

Top 13 Shopee Selling Tips

Here is the list of the top 13 Shopee selling tips that can help sellers increase their online sales.

1. Competitive Pricing: We live in a world where pricing plays an important role, customers want to buy the products which have a value for their money. They often compare the prices of products with what the other sellers are providing and even a slight difference in price will make them walk away. So it is crucial for the seller to select a right price for their product which will attract the customer.

2. Keywords: Customers search products by typing the product name in the search bar, and if your product name does not match with the name the customers have typed then it would mean loss of customers. So it is essential to add the accurate and relevant keywords for your products either in the product name or in its description.

3. High-Quality Product Images: Like they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” High-Quality images are crucial to getting the customer look at your product, you should have multiple photos which are informative, visually attractive, easy to understand and relevant to shoppers, so that the customer can see what they are about to buy.

High Quality Images

4. Hashtags: Shopee has an excellent Hashtag feature which can help in increasing the exposure of your product. All you have to do is add the appropriate hashtag in your product description and you are good to go. Product description can also be changed based on popular hashtags which can help in increasing the visibility of your products.


5. Boost Button: “Boost” button is an excellent feature of Shopee, which will make your products appear on the top seller’s list based on the keyword that you have assigned to them. If other sellers are using the Boost feature with the same keyword then you have to compete with them. Three things that you need to keep in mind while using the boost button are:

    1. You can only Boost five products at a time within 4 hours. 
    2. When the 4 hours are up, you can then choose different or similar items to boost.
    3. You can use the Boost feature through the Shopee App or a browser.
Shopee-Boost Button

6. Timing: The time of publishing a product also plays a crucial part, as Shopee will display the latest updated product under subcategories. To increase your products reach the most suitable time to publish the products is between 6 to 9 PM which will improve the exposure of your product in the prime time.

7. Detailed Description: When a customer clicks on your product they want a detailed and precise description which will help them in understanding if the product is something that they want to purchase, and if your product description has no explanation about its usage then customers will not want to buy your product.

8. Shopee’s My Campaigns: Shopee has several in-app campaigns which will help you in increasing the reach of your customers. By using Shopee’s “My Campaigns” you can nominate your products to be featured on main/category pages. Main features of “My Campaigns” are:

    1. Exposure on in-app and desktop campaign banners
    2. Products will be highlighted in email blast and targeted push notifications to Shopee users
    3. Increased click through rate to your store.

To opt for Shopee’s “My Campaigns” Sellers will have to undergo a selection process whereby the product nominations are based on the following:

    1. Accuracy of the item information
    2. Willingness to give 10-20% discount upon being selected
    3. Price attractiveness of products
Shopee-My Campaings

9. Shopee’s Top Picks from Shop: “Top Picks from Shop” is an excellent in-app feature of Shopee, by using the “Top Picks from Shop” feature you can market your products on the platform efficiently all you have to do is create a collection of products and select a maximum of 8 products that you want to display as top picks from your shop. When customers open your shop, they will see your top picks which will ensure that your bestselling items are consistently seen.

Shopee-Top picks from the shop

10. Shopee’s My Ads: Shopee’s “My Ads” is an important feature which will help in marketing your products by making them appear in search. Shopee offers two types of promotion ads that you can use:

  • Keywords Ads: In this ad, sellers can bid for relevant keywords of their products and then their ad will be placed alongside the products that user searches for on the site.
  • Targeting Ads: In this ads, sellers products will be placed on the product detail page of products similar to theirs.
Shopee-My ads

11. Shopee’s My Vouchers: Shopee lets you create your own vouchers for any of their listed products. By using the “My Vouchers” feature you can easily create vouchers specific to your shop or specific to the products in your shop. There are no restrictions to how you create the vouchers, and you will also have full control over the value, duration and quantity of them.

Shopee-My vouchers

12. Shopee’s My Discount Promotions: By using Shopee’s “My Discount Promotions” tool you can set discounts for your products for a limited period of time.

Shopee-My Discount Promotioncs

13. Flash Sale: Flash sales lets your products be displayed on the main Shopee homepage, and products displayed here are on huge discounts for a limited time. You can purchase a Flash Deal slot from the store and can select the desired time slot for which you would like to nominate your product. However, you have to allow five working days for your seller centre to be updated with the Flash Deals Slots.

Shopee-Flash Sales

This entire process can be further simplified by using Eunimart’s solution, a registered partner of shopee, which can make the onboarding process a breeze and the products can be on the Shopee store in no time. Some of the solutions provided by Eunimart are: Providing Competitive Pricing, Image Optimisation, Content Optimisation, Keyword Optimisation, Order Management, Inventory Management, Catalog Creation, Payment Reconciliation, Logistics and Fulfilments, and Reports and Analytics. At Eunimart we are constantly providing the best solutions for our clients.

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