The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy Marketplace

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About Etsy

Etsy, a US based Peer-to-Peer global marketplace, is a gateway for online entrepreneurs across the world. Being the marketplace leader for small scale businesses, Etsy concentrates on vintage, craftsy and handmade items that creative entrepreneurs across the globe wish to exhibit and sale. With an accounted 54 million registered active members, the marketplace boasts of connecting nearly 1.4 million sellers to nearly 19.8 million buyers. The marketplace is recorded to have garnered a total revenue worth US$ 195.6 Million so far. The main motto of the marketplace is to redefine and encourage international e-commerce at a much more grassroots level.

Getting Started and Selling Successfully

It is not surprising for an ambitious online entrepreneur to want to be a part of a community-centric international marketplace like Etsy. Being able to integrate and run businesses on a platform like Etsy can overwhelm a new seller. However, with the right toolkit a seller can create visibility and a loyal following on the platform. Some of the ways a seller might augment his performance on Etsy are listed below:

* Assemble the Requisites: Assembling the key requisites for starting up a new e-store on Etsy from beforehand can actually accelerate the pace and make it easy and stress-free. It is wise to plan the inventory, check the competitive prices of the products to be sold, determine the final prices to be quoted (inclusive of customs duties and taxes) and consider the logistics partner to be partnered before the store is actually in operation.

* Choose Suitable Shop/Store Name: Fresh entrants on Etsy often stumble at selecting an appropriate shop or store name. Selecting a shop or store name that is not available on the platform should not create an obstacle for putting up a store successfully. The shop or store name can be changed as many times as required before finally opening up. After opening up, the shop name can be changed just one last time.

* Set Attainable Goals: Having big plans for running a business on Etsy is not unrealistic. It helps to identify milestones that will guide the seller to his final objective. The plans need to be specific and goal oriented for achieving positive results and outperforming the competitors.

* Consider Using the best Keywords: It is extremely important for a seller to think from a customer’s perspective and come up with the right keywords or key-phrases for the products to be sold. Determining which descriptive keyword or key-phrase for a product will best suit a potential customer’s requirement is of great significance.

* Use engaging pictures: The key to sell on Etsy is by using captivating photos of the products to be sold. The photos need to be simple, illustrative and sharp. Specifically, the resolution of the pictures used should be of high quality with the facility to zoom-in for better understanding of the product details. It is prudent to provide as many multi-angular and high quality images as possible.

* Give sense of belonging to customers: An e-store that is well curated and thoughtfully presented provides a sense of belonging to customers. Products that look appealing and offer suggestive descriptions with a variety of price points encourage potential buyers to purchase repeatedly. A seller should always try to come up with attractive images and compelling product descriptions. Products with good descriptions that highlight on who the product is for, what are the product attributes, where and when the product can be used usually sell well on Etsy.

* Just do it: Selling is believed to be an empirical process and without actually beginning somewhere, no seller can reach anywhere. So for being an integral part of the Etsy community, a seller simply needs to get started with the processes of opening up an e-store, fitting in the marketplace policies, marketing the products, managing the store etc.

Best-Selling Product Categories

For an Indian online seller to soar high on Etsy with a huge variety of vintage, craftsy and handmade items, knowing the best-selling product categories on the platform is really important. Clothing & Accessories, Jewellery, Craft Supplies, Vintage items, Wedding & Entertainment items, Home & Living etc. tops the list of best-selling product categories on Etsy.


Let Eunimart Help


Building an e-store on Etsy is no easy task. There are several pieces to the puzzle that need to fit in order to succeed on Etsy. A marketplace aggregator like Eunimart can actually assist in launching and expanding a profitable business through consultancy, data and account management services which can create the difference between a good seller and the best.

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