Zilingo- The Southeast Asian Marketplace that Delivers Happiness

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Introduction to Zilingo

Zilingo is a recent name in the domain of global online selling. Zilingo, a fashion and lifestyle-centric international online marketplace was built by founders Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor in 2015 with the intention to tap into Southeast Asian fashion and lifestyle market. The marketplace, since then, has been home to small and medium scale sellers and brands primarily dealing in clothing, accessories, jewellery, beauty and lifestyle items in order to reach out to a wider and better client-base. The marketplace has already closed Series A funding of $8 Million from Sequoia India, Venturra Capital as well as Susquehanna International Group to scale up its operational processes in Southeast Asia.

A Deeper Insight into Zilingo Marketplace

Zilingo, as people know it today, was founded back in 2015 by Ankiti Bose (CEO) and Dhruv Kapoor (CTO) to offer a world of seamless possibilities to different small and medium-scale enterprises around the world in global Ecommerce. The outreach of the marketplace, ever since its foundation, has been overwhelmingly far-reaching. Presently, the marketplace is based in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia. The objective behind building such a tech-enabled international online marketplace was simply to help all budding online businesses get an impressive recognition.

Zilingo, with a measured valuation of $20 Billion, attempts to tap the fullest online potential in the genre of fashion and lifestyle and fill the existing gaps with its unique platform. The marketplace has been accounted to grow at a monthly rate of 30% month-on-month; it has proved to be a useful ecosystem for sellers and brands so far with an average of 75-80% monthly growth in their overall revenue after joining the marketplace. The marketplace is about to initiate working capital loans soon to help these sellers and brands make an even more profitable business. At present, there are more than 1500 small and medium scale sellers and brands making use of the Zilingo’s platform to attain scalable heights in global online selling.

The marketplace operates on a proprietary back-end interface called ‘Katana’ to ensure impeccable service is delivered across any continent, country, region, language and currency. The visual recommendation and visual search engine added by Zilingo to its platform enable prospective customers to upload pictures of products they are seeking for and suggest suitable recommendations based on colour, design or style; this undoubtedly makes way for higher sales and profit generation for sellers or brands. The widespread visibility of the marketplace is evident from the increasing number of monthly visitors to its platform that is soon to catch up with the number of monthly visits to the largest global Ecommerce platform in the region.

Here is how you can make your business stand out on Zilingo

Best-Selling Product Categories on Zilingo

For a new marketplace entrant on Zilingo, it is highly essential to know which product categories will sell exceptionally well to make them a pioneer. The best-selling product categories on Zilingo so far have been Clothing (Men, Women & Kids), Accessories, Jewellery, Beauty and Lifestyle.

Selling with Eunimart

Zilingo is undoubtedly one of the quickest evolving marketplaces based out of South East Asia. To be a part of this progressive marketplace and make use of its healthy business metrics for acquiring ultimate success, a seller or a brand needs to be well aware of the internal processes that go therein. Partnering with a global Ecommerce aggregator like Eunimart can help online businesses charter the realms of Zilingo effortlessly and stand out successful.

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