Multichannel Selling- A Growing Priority for Indian Brands going Global

multichannel selling
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What is Multichannel Selling?

At its crux, Multichannel Selling is a comprehensive sales approach that offers integrated shopping to customers through various channels. Irrespective of whether the customer is shopping using a mobile or desktop or visiting a physical store, the experience remains consistently flawless. This allows Indian brands to spread out to a wider global customer base and build greater brand awareness. With an objective to drive more awareness, Marks & Spencer launched kiosks with iPads in all its smaller stores that allowed customers to visualize the best products in a particular product range before they could actually move to a larger store for hand-picking the products; the sales figures, thereafter, showed what a positive impact the multichannel campaign had yielded.

Why should Indian brands consider Multichannel Selling as a Priority and not an Option?

To be a superior brand in global Ecommerce, Indian brands must constantly aim at scaling higher by improving their operational processes. Multichannel selling can prove to be one of the most productive business strategies to boost overall revenue. Making use of several sales channels to provide goods and services to customers is the most preferred growth strategy for most global Indian brands these days. Multichannel selling should be seen as a priority and not an option for Indian brands that wish to go global due to the following:
  • Customer impression matters: Brands should consider coming up with strategic planning for all channels so that they can offer seamless service for increased customer satisfaction and customer retention. Also, when customers are overwhelmed with great services of a brand, they tend to become advocates of verbal promotion. Customer advocacy is one of the most crucial ways of brand promotion in this socially-connected era that helps a brand acquire new leads.
  • Channel-hopping is in trend: With advancements in the modern-day world, access to multiple sales channels amongst people is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Owing to this fact, a potential buyer generally prefers channel-hopping for getting more options before finally deciding to buy a particular product. Channel-hopping by customers is a reality most brands should come in line with to be aware of growing customer preferences and a multichannel Ecommerce aggregator like Eunimart can provide expert guidance for the same. Channel-hopping creates a deeper impact of a brand and its products in the minds of customers for fetching more sales.
  • Brand awareness required for offline sales: It is imperative for a brand to build its online reputation at first before penetrating into a new global market; the offline acceptance of a brand and its products entirely depends on the online popularity that has been generated. The outreach of a brand is directly proportional to the visibility of it across its targeted customer base. This, in turn, can directly be related to the offline sales.
  • Social and Search Commerce gaining significance: Social as well as Search Commerce is positioned to be one of the most happening business trends for Indian brands. Though the total sales driven by the brands from Social and Search Commerce is not too surprising, the impact of it in driving increased retail traffic cannot be simply ignored. Brands that wish to attain a competitive edge in global Ecommerce can undoubtedly acquire a diversified approach through Social and Search Commerce.
  • ROI maximisation: Having several customer touch points helps in leveraging the overall ROI for a business. By offering many options to customers, brands can actually minimize the total expenses (for cost-to-serve each customer) and maximize the total revenue earned. Effective mapping of different sales channels to the assorted customer segments boosts the net returns on investments for the Indian brands to outperform competitor brands in the global run.

Keep Selling, Keep Growing with Eunimart

Reality being projected, not all sales channels are ideal for the business pursuits of a particular Indian brand keen on making itself stand out in the global Ecommerce war-front. A thorough assessment needs to be carried out for determining the ROI of a brand for every channel on the top international marketplaces before a real-time investment is made. This is exactly where a multichannel Ecommerce enabler like Eunimart can provide assistance with; converting selling capabilities to positive growth results had never been easier before.

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