A True Omnichannel Solution

True OmniChannel Solution
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A true Omni channel solution is arrived at when a business can meet the customer’s demand for flexibility to shop seamlessly over different channels without encountering restrictions and feeling any gaps in the journey. This entails high innovation which a business must embrace and sync his online stores with offline one to compete in this fast paced automated world of e-commerce. The idea is to integrate all channels so that the customer’s shopping journey is wholesome. After all every customer today wants that he will shop wherever and whenever through different channels and devices, with hassle free delivery options. In meeting all this criteria lies the secret to a true Omni channel solution.

“A true Omnichannel solution recognizes a customer when they start the engagement, greet them with their name and carry out a conversation using what they know about the customer –past behavior, purchases, and preferences.”

A true Omnichannel solution is all about

That is undoubtedly what a true Omni channel is all about, customer centric ecommerce business. This implies that the customer can switch channels while shopping without restrictions of pre-defined menus or limited by strict adherence to rules. Customers want a seamless experience and are awed by the personalized experience that an Omni channel solution is able to offer.

Automation today allows sellers to offer highly sophisticated solutions whether it is with the use of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence, and with the use of algorithms they are well equipped to offer a great and wholesome shopping experience. Today shoppers have more expectations and sellers can use customer data to maintain context throughout the customer’s journey so that they don’t have to repeat themselves as they switch channels.


PERSONALIZATION: From text to web chat, mobile apps to messaging, Twitter to Instagram and Facebook, not to forget the telephone, across each one of these channels the customer leaves his digital footprint. What every customer wants and appreciates is a personalized service. This is nothing but recognition of the customer at every step of his shopping journey. From greeting a customer at the start, to carrying on a relevant dialogue throughout is well appreciated and possible as a result of the mapping of his trail which leaves information about his choices, like and dislikes as also his preferences according to his shopping pattern. What makes it possible is the tight knit integration of a brand’s CRM and the customer information in real time.

CUSTOMER TRACKING: A true Omni channel solution avoids a situation where the customer has to repeat himself over every channel he surfs or shops. It is context that is most important and this is maintained by sellers by tracing the transaction history across channels or by transferring session IDs. Thus offering one of the tenets of a true Omni channel solution.

INTEGRATION: A seamless integrated marketing through different departments is what can offer to customers a great experience when shopping. It involves the marketing team managing social media as well as the digital teams managing the web or mobile chats which work to give a wholesome coherent experience to customers. It is like a jigsaw puzzle which needs to fit in the right slot to get the correct solution. Hence these teams must be given access to knowledge management systems, software’s used by the business and central CRM systems in order to work in sync and not be restricted by company Silos.

AUTOMATION: As mentioned earlier automation is the order of the day and the availability of AI has made it easy to understand and predict customer behavior through natural language processing and automated speech recognition. The sophistication of these systems is such that they recognize a customer’s voice despite any background noise and is receptive to complicated prompts. A customer feels elated when he gets personal attention and it is dialog management technology that helps to establish a dialogue based interaction over voice and digital channels, thus giving the feel of a human response which is very much individual to a customer. This helps to provide a very authentic and true Omni channel solution.

The smartness of machines emerges and is visible as algorithms step in where AI is not able to produce the optimum result. These can then complete the ‘feedback loop’ so that the entire system can get smarter by the minute with each interaction of the customer and provide the desired outcome.


It has been researched and established that a well stocked inventory and the option to shop online and pick up in store increases sales by 30-40% and the customer is happy hence the business acquires a loyal customer.

  • A true Omni channel solution also lies in giving the shopper the best shopping experience through managing your stocks intelligently via automation and by exceeding a customer’s expectations.
  • This can also be achieved through flexible delivery options thus increasing your sales through efficient management.
  • In any business it is imperative to remain in competition and this can be achieved by growing your sales through smart management of true Omni channel solutions. This will generate higher revenues helping you to be prominent on the scene.
  • Providing flexible fulfillment options is yet another tenet of a true Omni channel solution and with all these you can succeed in your e commerce business.

However the right choice of the required technology will ultimately get you what you want that is empowerment through Omni channel solutions. Remember that it is a long term investment assuming that your business is here to stay. Technology is changing every day and a seller needs to keep himself well informed in order to be successful and provide the right Omnichannel solution.

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