How to Come Up with Product Descriptions that Sell Internationally?

how to come up with product descriptions that sell internationally
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It’s all about Quality Content

If you are still presuming the concept of ‘If you build it, they will come’ to hold true for your demanding products that are live across the various international marketplaces, then it is probably time for you to change your perspective. Making your products live and posting quality images is not enough to sell internationally on the top marketplaces where there are thousands of bigger and better brands than you. Quality content is equally important in acquiring more visibility for your products for better conversion rates. Did you ever ponder on the fact that playing around with words for describing a particular product can actually fetch you greater revenue as a seller? Perhaps for making your products more appealing on the international marketplaces, it is ideal that you keep a check on the content that goes in. Customers swarming in on the international Ecommerce platforms actually seek reliable product descriptions that reflect sufficient information, catchy infographics and also verified recommendations. In order to cater to this, you need to correctly identify the targeted audience and speak in their language through your content.

Why write good Product Descriptions?

As an online seller, your product catalogue gives you the much-required face value for your brand to sell internationally. As such, you need to put in unique, informative and impactful product descriptions for each and every product in your catalogue to sell internationally. Here below are given the major reasons for doing so:
  • Mark of Professionalism: ‘A product that reads well, converts well.’ In business world, an attractive and engaging product description is a sign of professionalism. This not only interests more and more customers but also helps build a sense of trust amongst them.
  • To be in line with Competitors: Following the recent trends on the most desired Ecommerce platforms, it has been witnessed that most brands put up product descriptions to penetrate the potential buyer’s mind better. You need to match up your peers while you are up and running on international marketplaces.
  • Improvises Browsing Experience: A catalogue packed with interesting product descriptions attracts more visitors and as such more potential buyers. This in turn, enhances the usability of the platform to drive more sales.
  • Entices Customers for Buying: A well-presented product description shows the benefits of the respective product and persuades the customers that the product is not only good but also essential. This is how conversion is generated.

Features of good Product Descriptions

Experts from Birmingham City University made a comprehensive study of nearly 68,000 products sold on Ebay, one of the largest online marketplaces to sell internationally. This was done in order to discern the fact how a particular product should be described for fetching more money to the online sellers on Ebay. This is what they found as attributes of a good product description:
  • Use Correct Spelling and Grammar: Using the correct spellings and grammar for your product descriptions is extremely essential. It builds an image in the minds of your potential buyers that the particular product is being sold by a brand that takes care of quality; the brand considers the situation of the customer and tries to make them happy in a true sense. This leads to trust-building which enables them to choose your products over the rest and get back to you again.
  • Use Right Set of Keywords: Choice of right keywords is also an important attribute of a good product description. You need to know and understand what a normal customer will preferably search for on the search engines and place the same set of keywords in your product descriptions to boost your product’s visibility over the rest. Higher visibility means higher conversion rate and greater revenue for you.
  • Short Pointers: Always bear in mind that the basic mantra is ‘Less is More.’ While writing a product description, just try and finish it in the minimum number of words possible. Keep things short in bullet points instead of stretching it into long paragraphs. This will interest your potential buyers and fetch sales for your product.
  • Target the Product USPs: Stay informed about who your targeted audience is and accordingly focus on the product USPs to lure your customers. Speak more about the product’s Material, Uses, Benefits, Tips to Handle etc. to give out as much information as possible. Assessing how your product is way better than the rest is necessary for your buyers to determine that they are investing in the right place.
  • Seek Professional Help for Cataloguing and Content Creation: Being an online seller, you must already be having a product catalogue that has got descriptions about all your products. Bringing a really impressive and absorbing catalogue on the table that will go well with the standard requirements of the international marketplaces might seem an uphill task for you. So, to give it a final shape you can seek help from a renowned and trust-worthy Ecommerce enabler.
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