Product Titles- The Real Catch to Boost Sales on Amazon and eBay

product titles the real way to boost sales on amazon
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Product titles for selling on Amazon and eBay

The most common mistake that global online sellers do while being up and running on Amazon and eBay is undervaluing the significance of product titles. Branding is the key to success in cross-border Ecommerce and when it comes to the top-notch international online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, product naming has got everything to do about how prospective customers will respond to a product. With thousands of other online sellers on Amazon and eBay, competition is undoubtedly neck-to-neck; product titles got to be extremely intriguing for acquiring conversions for the products being put for sale. Though a lot of introspection goes into structuring out the most perfect product titles for these platforms, crafting it out typically depends on the products and some other attributes.

Tips to build great product titles for Amazon and eBay

For selling successfully on Amazon and eBay, a global online seller needs to adhere to certain marketplace specifications. It is crucial to frame product titles in such a way that it gives out answers to any type of question a prospective customer might probably have. To make it easy and convenient for global online sellers, given below are tips for building impactful product titles for Amazon and eBay:

  • Analyze best-selling marketplace products in the respective category: Besides searching on Google and other search engines, it is necessary to carry out a competitive marketplace analysis. Tracking the choice of words made by closest competitors for the best-selling products in a respective category will assist in framing better product titles.
  • Keep a check on the length of the title: In order to acquire better sales, keeping a check on the length of the product title is essential. Short, compact and specific product titles sell the best on these top international online marketplaces; nobody feels interested in going through titles that are long, descriptive and unprofessional. To have an optimized product title on Amazon and eBay, maintain character limit within 80-100 for better visibility.
  • Place the title in logical order: It is extremely important to write product titles in a logical order. Potential customers are always interested in looking up and buying products that have a well-organised product title that makes complete sense. The standard format for product titles on Amazon and eBay should ideally include a brand name, material, shape or pattern, features etc. For example, for a particular piece of a fashion item, the format for product title should be Brand+ Gender+ Color/Pattern+ Material+ Fittings.
  • Use the right set of keywords: To ensure that a particular product or a group of products is performing well on top international online marketplaces, product titles need to be optimised with the right set of keywords. SEO optimised keywords have an added advantage of making products stand out from competitor’s products driving higher traffic to the sales page.
  • Stick to good grammar and spelling: Grammatical and spelling errors can be a big turn-off for gaining high conversion rates. Adhering to good grammar and spelling helps in retaining seller or brand image in front of potential customers.
  • Avoid over-selling or under-selling: Providing unnecessary specifications about a product may lead to over-selling and giving inadequate specifications may lead to under-selling thereby losing out prospective buyers. Product titles should be captivating and well-targeted for immediate call-to-action.

Let Eunimart help you sell

The main objective of product titles used by global online sellers on Amazon and eBay is to educate and excite buyers. An ideal product title portrays a crystal-clear picture of the product in the buyer’s mind. Though coming up with product titles might seem exciting for a seller, it is actually a complicated process and requires expert knowledge and guidance. Eunimart can provide deep insights in this regard and help sellers sell through international online marketplaces hassle-free.

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