Company / Brand

  • Finstores

Introduction / Background

  • Finstores is your online shopping destination for clothing and apparel. We're a family run business and we ship worldwide.Have a great shopping experience!

Digital Presence (Pre-Eunimart

  • Website

Geographic Presence (Pre-Eunimart)

  • India

Financials (Pre-Eunimart)

  • Monthly GMV – 100,000 INR
  • Manpower cost – 6 People engaged in the eCommerce business
  • Marketing Investment – 15% Investment
  • # of SKUs – 100 SKU

Challenges / Issues

  • Limited traffic in Website 
  • Lack of understanding for cross border selling
  • No presence in International Marketplaces

Solutions by Eunimart

Onboarding Date

  • December 10 2020

International Expansion

  • Grew from 1 domestic channels to access 2 International Regions (USA and UAE)

Growth in Marketplaces

  • From 1 to 4  marketplaces. Amazon USA, Bonanza, Zifiti, eBay

Omni Channel

  • Ecommerce Marketplaces Integration on Unified Platform for Multichannel Ecommerce Management (Domestic & Crossborder)


  • SKU count grew from 20 to 150 

Account Health

  • Improved and maintained Good Account Health ratings in all Marketplaces.

Branded Tools

  • A+ Content is implemented in Amazon 
  • Amazon Brand store to be developed

Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Managed user shipping (domestic and international) with improved costs

Inventory Management

  • Achieved Prime status for seller
  • Fulfilment From US

Data Science

  • SEO performed
  • Data analysis was performed and pricing recommendations were provided.
  • Customer segmentation and Geographic study to be performed.

Business Advisory / Expert Guidance

  • Advisory on GTM for Crossborder Selling
  • Cross Border Account Management Consultation
  • Advisory to go for region were demand of the products hight i.e SG and US

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