Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Exporter and manufacturer


Khushiram Mathur, CEO of Himandini believes in staying ahead of the competition, that is why back in 2014 when everyone was talking about selling on Flipkart & Amazon in India, he thought of direct selling in the USA via Amazon.com after quitting his job as an HR in a company (Ensembles Futuristic Technologies). The company is based out of Noida in Uttar Pradesh. Himandini designs, innovates, manufactures and sells more than 50 products every day through its circa 10+ online channels worldwide.


Himandini was able to establish as a brand within a short period of time on Amazon.com With the growth of e-commerce in the retail industry, Himandini identified the opportunity to reach more customers through marketplaces and embarked on expanding its sales to Amazon in the UK.

With Amazon USA & UK giving them good results, we were looking for new avenues to expand our customer base & revenues,’ says Khushiram Mathur, CEO at Himandini. ‘We immediately saw the opportunity that other marketplaces could offer us. With established audiences and a global reach, marketplaces enabled Himandini to seamlessly expand into new global channels, while complementing our current online strategy.’

In the beginning, Himandini started by manually listing its products on Amazon USA, which was a tedious and inefficient process for the group. Each time another product offering was released, it would take them weeks to have the products listed on Amazon. While the results were promising, Himandini understood that in order to scale in a brisk and deft way, it would need to accelerate this procedure.

We realized that we wouldn’t have the capacity to scale at the pace we needed to without an outsourced consultant, and hence started to look for an answer that would help us,’ proceeded with Mathur.


In the wake of assessing the alternatives, Himandini swung to Vdezi to expand its business. Vdezi enabled Himandini to expand its compass crosswise over international marketplaces without including any internal resources.

The Vdezi team focuses on Account Optimization, providing the strategic inputs, competitor analysis, insights about the marketplace promotions on an ongoing basis to ensure visibility on every marketplace.

Vdezi is like an extended arm for their business. Vdezi team is expert in each marketplace, and understand the nuances and requirements of each, which helps them to achieve their business goal.


Since working with Vdezi, Himandini has been able to dramatically expand its product line not only on Amazon but also on other marketplaces. They have expanded to 6+ marketplaces without any hassles. 

The operational costs have come down by 70%

‘It simply wouldn’t have been possible for us to build our own integration into any of these new marketplaces ourselves. Vdezi has opened the door for us to expand our business to new channels and has dramatically increased our visibility and sales on marketplaces. We see the team as a partner to our business and value the difference their work has brought to our e-commerce success. We look forward to what the future holds with Vdezi,’ said Mathur.

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