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Natural food products


Nothing can be greater than working for a good cause.  A pure heart and a business mind are the parts that played in the foundation of Jivika Naturals by a young visionary Mr. Rahul Patel from Hyderabad in 2016. With the aim of making people healthier and happier, Jivika Naturals products are ayurvedic and direct from the local farmers’ communities.  

So with natural and healthy products like oils, spices, kinds of vinegar, etc., and with the aim to support local farmers, Mr. Rahul is passionate about bringing these nutritional products to the whole world.


Ayurvedic products are seen to be getting popular all over the world. Their authenticity and natural results are attracting a lot of international markets. Hence, Mr. Rahul thought it was the best thing to go for cross-border e-commerce. He wanted everyone to benefit from these products and also to give great opportunities to the local communities. 


Well, it is easy to think than to actually do. Mr. Rahul had the vision and Eunimart helped him turn that vision into international reality.

International marketplaces: Knowing where to sell and how to sell is very important in e-commerce. Eunimart helped Jivika Naturals target the right markets through our knowledge and expertise. Based on the demand for Ayurvedic and organic products, we identified Bonanza, Amazon UAE, Zifiti, and Shoppee as the best marketplaces to enter for them.

Account creation: Eunimart helped Mr. Rahul to actually get on board the right channels. Our experts and backend support helped in registering on various platforms through the vast knowledge about different norms and regulations. Jivika Naturals also availed our services in listing their business on these platforms.

Order management: One of our best services in the order management system. It is automated and helped Jivika Naturals handle and manage their orders through various channels efficiently. From receiving the purchase orders to their final fulfillment, our unique tools make the process as smooth as it can get.


With the help of Eunimart, Mr. Rahul is now able to reach out to international customers who are deeply interested in their natural products. Such global exposure has brought new opportunities to our local communities and the increased sales have boosted their confidence in keeping on doing the good work.

Eunimart’s unique tools and services coupled with our expert guidance at every step of the e-commerce journey have proven to be a big help in the success of Jivika Naturals.

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