Jiya Exports






Why manufacture just a few products from scratch when you can also be a trader and supply a variety of products! This was the thought of Mr. Khushaal Aggarwal from Delhi behind the idea of Jiya Exports, who single-handedly started this business without being part of any community or group.

Established in 2014, Jiya Exports is mainly the manufacturer, trader, and exporter of various herbal products as they are highly appreciated by its consumers. It is one of the leading suppliers of natural essential oils. Its product portfolio also includes ladies apparel, empty capsules, henna, purses, Tibetan jewelry, handicraft umbrellas, etc.


The e-commerce journey of Jiya Exports started with eBay. But they soon realized that they lacked in the quality of their customer experiences. Customers being the main aspect of any business, this was a critical issue that was directly related to their operations and account management.

With the aim of expansion, Mr. Khushaal wanted to enter the Middle Eastern markets of Singapore, Malaysia, and UAE. The main issue with this was their lack of knowledge about how exactly to register on the e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopify, etc., as it was more difficult for them than anticipated. 

Lucky for him, Mr. Khushaal came to know about Eunimart through a friend and Jiya Exports got the best partner with better competitive rates for its expansion to cross-border e-commerce. 


International Marketplace: The first step towards expansion is to find out where to expand. Eunimart helped Jiya Exports in targeting the right marketplaces internationally on the basis of competitive study all over the world and our e-commerce expertise. This eventually helped them increase their sales. 

Expert Guidance: After figuring out the target markets, it can be tedious and somewhat difficult for some to onboard their business on different e-commerce platforms. Our experts helped them through the whole process of registering on these platforms like Amazon, Shopee, etc., seamlessly.

Sales and account management: Eunimart helped optimize their account for better management through strategic insights, automated tools, and thorough competitor analysis for visibility and promotions. It helped Jiya Exports increase their sales on platforms like Amazon, Shoppee, Zifiti, etc., in the USA, Singapore, and UAE.

A pleasant experience with amazing services! 

Eunimart not only helped integrate Jiya Exports into the e-commerce world through new channels and marketplaces but also became a forever companion for its services and tools availed by them, which gave impetus for significant growth in sales and export orders all over the world.

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