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Coming from a business family based out of Calcutta, Mr. Abrar Alam was not new to the complexities of running an e-commerce business. He has been into e-commerce for almost 15 years now. He started his own brand of clothing, ‘Kreative fashion’, by entering into e-commerce domestically through Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

But why restrict to India only? This was the thought which led to a new journey into international e-commerce for Kreative fashion, a brand mainly known for men’s apparel. 


As Kreative fashion was doing reasonably well in the domestic market, Mr. Abrar saw expanding internationally as the best way to go forward for the brand. He wanted to increase their reach by selling on various other e-commerce websites and build a presence in the international market at a reasonable cost.

Here’s when Euniamrt came into the picture and became a partner in Kreative fashion’s success story.


Though e-commerce was not new for Mr. Abrar, cross-border e-commerce was still undiscovered territory for him. Eunimart helped him gain confidence in going global with his brand.

International expansion: Knowing just the right target markets is essential in entering the global e-commerce market. Eunimart helped them figure out the best options of markets and platforms to expand into international e-commerce. These include marketplaces like Lazada, Bonanza, Ewhale, Zifiti, etc. in markets like the USA, UAE, and Malaysia.

International marketplaces: Registering and establishing a presence on different platforms can be very tedious and requires knowledge of such platforms. As Mr. Abrar had the experience of only domestic e-commerce, Eunimart helped him create accounts on international marketplaces through our vast knowledge of the various rules and regulations and expert strategies.

Cataloging: Customers buy according to what they see. Catalogue acts as the thrust behind every shopper to convert into a customer. With Eunimart’s help, Kreative fashion started providing the perfect cataloging solutions with a powerful and compelling description which acted as a visual treat for the shopper. 

Expert guidance: Our experts not only helped Kreative fashion enter the global market, but they also helped in creating a long-term relationship with the marketplaces. With their strategic insights and knowledge on the changing trends, Kreative fashion now has a significant presence in the international e-commerce world. The backend support that Eunimart provides helps them manage their accounts efficiently and run their business stress-free. 


Eunimart helped them penetrate the international markets of the USA, UAE, and Malaysia with an increase in orders and sales. They helped Kreative fashion gain access to the right marketplaces with the best e-commerce solutions with tools to build their brand image in global markets. In just 3 years of entering cross-border with Eunimart, they have seen significant growth and expansion. 

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