Leeza Store


Surat, Gujarat



Women’s fashion wear


Anyone who has launched an online store knows that it’s no simple feat to run an Ecommerce business, even more, when you are a banker who knows nothing about Ecommerce. Meet Nithin, a banker by profession and an entrepreneur by heart. 

Nithin started Leeza Store in 2018 after leaving his high profile banking job. The aim of starting Leeza Store was to offer top quality products at affordable prices. Additionally, he wanted to offer fashion-forward and trending designs that women would love to wear. With this view in mind, Nithin offered a wide range of women’s clothing including designer sarees, casual sarees, bridal, wedding sarees and more. 

Soon, Leeza Store became a growing name in the international marketplace for providing women’s ethnic wear. 


In the beginning, manual systems were used to manage the orders, but with the increase of the customer base, the complexities also increased.

One of the main issues that the Leeza store faced was with catalogue management. It was a time-consuming process that requires the staff to extract and import the data from various sources in differing formats.

Not just that, they had difficulties in taking their products to the international waters. They were equipped with handling online transactions of the domestic market, but nothing helped them scale in the international market.

Additionally, international Shipping presented them with several different challenges compared with shipping domestically. As each carrier and country has its regulations and different charges.


Leeza Store needed a single platform for every task that needed to be outsourced by the company. Here is how we helped them scale.

Expert Guidance: When it comes to cross-border, Nithin had a very little idea about what to do and which marketplace to target in the international waters, all this has changed when Nithin got on a call with Eunimarts experts. They helped him gain insights into the current marketplace that is known to few. They also explained to him about the different rules and regulations for products coming in from other countries.

Cataloguing: Catalogue acts as the thrust behind every shopper to convert into a customer and Leeza store was lacking in this aspect. With Eunimart’s help, Leeza Store started providing the perfect cataloguing solutions with a powerful and compelling description which acted as a visual treat for the shopper. 

Inventory Management: Exceptional customer experience is impossible to achieve if you don’t have accurate visibility of your inventory. Eunimart’s integrated inventory management system helped Leeza Store in delivering customer promises by orchestrating smarter Inventory management. 

International Marketplace: The main problem they wanted to remedy was international marketplace. Eunimart helped them target the right marketplaces internationally thereby helped them to drive more sales for the business. Eunimart helped them identify South East Asia as the right market for their products and got them onboarded on Lazada, Shopee and Wish.


With the help of Eunimart, Leeza Store saw a growth of nearly 25% in its sales with visibility of their products in the international market.

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