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How Salasa gave convenience and better user experience to its sellers using our technology. 

Salasa offers solutions for their sellers’ e-commerce needs and manages their logistics value chain in Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries. They also provide cost-effective warehousing solutions for their customers without increasing their overhead costs. 


They also provide highly effective pick-up and pack services with multiple shipping options that keep a check on delivery time while reducing operational expenses. 



Salasa’s existing platform for its sellers gave limited options to manage their orders. Moreover, it required a lot of manual intervention from sellers to achieve their desired. Salasa wanted to have a platform that simplified the seller’s day to day operations by automating their processes.  



Flexibility. Adaptability. Automation

We created a customised omnichannel platform for Salasa that would allow their sellers to completely manage their warehousing and orders across different marketplaces. 


Order Management Solution 

It’s a common scenario for a seller to not have their own warehouse. This usually happens because either the seller due not have enough revenue to maintain a warehouse of their own, or the company has diversified into various markets and maintaining a warehouse in each market will increase their overheads. Sellers in these cases, take help from warehousing providers in that particular market, use their space and fulfil orders from that market.  This is where Salasa’s warehousing solution through our platform comes into the picture. 


When a seller wants to send a shipment to the warehouse, the seller can use the platform to notify the warehousing team about the replenishment. Through the platform, the seller can update the product details, no. of units being sent, the expected date of delivery, shipping partner and the tracking number. This information automatically reaches the Salasa warehousing team in the form of Advance Service Notes (ASN)  and they know what shipment to expect.  We have integrated Salasa’s Order Management System application with their Warehouse Management System so that Salasa’s seller can manage their orders and inventory from the same portal. For instance, once the replenishment arrives at the warehouse, the warehousing team will update its inbound status in their WMS and the same will reflect upon the seller’s OMS. As the product moves from inbound to storage to outbound operations, the status will reflect on the OMS and the seller will be able to monitor it. The best part is that, unlike other marketplace applications, these statuses change automatically on the OMS created by us. 


On other OMS platforms, the product does not move to the next stage unless someone manually processes those orders. However, in Salasa’s OMS the products move to the next stage once they are ready automatically. No one has to log in to the platform. This reduces manual intervention drastically and the seller is always aware of how many units in the inventory are ready to be sold.  


Once the shipment is ready to fulfill the order, the platform automatically chooses the right shipping partner as per the priority set by the seller.  The seller can overrule the automation and can manually select a different seller if they want to. If they wish they can edit any other part of the workflow also.

E-commerce Management

The platform integrated different web stores and warehousing management systems to become a single point of solution for sellers. Sellers no more have to monitor orders and warehouses from different platforms. Our platform does the job of both by pulling data from the web store and Salasa’s warehousing system which allows sellers to update their orders and warehouse simultaneously. 

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