Samer Exim


Mumbai, Maharashtra


Sports accessories


Samer Exim is one of the largest sellers of sports accessories based out of North India. Over the last 4 years, the company has made its presence in the sports market with a wide range of distributors and selling their products through large retail outlets. It has become quite popular among young sportsmen/women with its fresh range every season of well designed, value for money products. In order to match consumer expectations, the company has also launched its exclusive online store for each of their brands and also sell them on established online marketplaces – Flipkart and Amazon India.


This entire story was different 1 year ago. They were struggling. Not because of their products, but because of the limited marketplaces. They want to retain the great customer experience, their positioning. With the rapid growth of e-commerce in the retail industry, they identified the opportunity to reach more customers through international marketplaces for their business expansion. “In order to continue to grow the business, they knew that they had to look beyond their website as the only way for customers.

The company began to sell on and with the range of 1000+ SKU’S. As usual, they got the required response from those two online giants. The demand from customers and portals was huge than they expected. They also thought to expand their foot in multiple online international Marketplaces. So, they began to sell on and After experiencing the success from Amazon, their team started searching for more marketplaces that they can give more scope. Not only marketplaces, but they used to have a problem in managing Shipping, Pricing, and all other factors.

Later, they realized that it has to be achieved in a cost-efficient manner. They wanted to do it with as few hands as possible. That was possible only if they could automate tedious man hours consuming activities. Technology was the answer.

They started looking for the product/service provider with global standards of quality service. tailored for Indian e-commerce industry and made by guys who understand technology and e-commerce like the back of their hand. And he found all these three things with Vdezi, the product by the Vdezi team. They were pleasantly surprised that they got the “Complete Services” with only a one time setup cost. Of course, there were many sophisticated and useful services in the ‘rest’, which they later found out once they started onboarding with Vdezi! Predictably, it had an immediate impact on their business.Not only that, but even while growing rapidly, they could cut down manpower cost by 25-30% ensuring better profitability Services.


  • Even Samer Exim saved their overhead cost with its initial investment in setting up their entire ecosystem. 
  • Vdezi changed the entire way they were running their business operations. The uncertainty at operations level is minimized by allowing Vdezi to manage end-end services.Deliverables like Shipping management, Payment reconciliation, Marketplace promotions, Inventory management and all the daily operations takes a pain out of managing the Cross-border E-commerce Venture.
  • The systematic approach of the expertise sales and Account management team brings an ease to the sellers who approached Vdezi. “Not only service, Vdezi will also provide the strategic solution which drives to the Brand Recognition” says Trisha.


  • Vdezi’s ability to quickly resolve a wide range of issues provides a great value to a sellers business because it allows their team to focus on their own goals. With Vdezi’s solutions, Samer Exim’s efficiency got enhanced by 40%
  • Getting access to a one stop contact which ensures their team to sort critical issues and answers to their important questions quickly. It is a benefit that samer exim feels invaluable to expand their business. Because scale doesn’t come alone. It also brings with it more risk. At such times, guts are not enough. Lot of information is also needed.

Samer Exim expanded to 7+ marketplaces and their sales have expanded by 250-300%

In that crucial area, Vdezi brings the solution/service to the sellers. Visibility plays a major role and then after the strategic activities of Vdezi which drives to sales. That’s how Vdezi turns samer exim “Impossible to Possible”


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