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Fashion wear


After trying out various ventures as an entrepreneur, Mr. Ankit Jain from Delhi aspired to enter the e-commerce world. He started Unique Fashion (U&F) as his first e-commerce brand in 2013. They manufacture from cut to pack in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and sell women’s western wear. They aim to go global with e-commerce to reach directly to the customers.


Cross-border e-commerce required proper knowledge and resources which Unique Fashion lacked. They were unable to identify the marketplaces to focus on. Guidance about the foreign target markets was needed in order to take their business global.

Along with this, a proper fulfillment model was to be set in place. The objective was to have a regular and stable business with repeat customers. They needed to cut down on the costs and commissions. Inventory management, shipping, and visibility were the important segments to work on and optimize.


Unique Fashion put their trust in Eunimart as part of their initial set of on-boarding in 2017. Eunimart helped them get started with Amazon Fashion Accelerator in 2018 and enter the US market. 


Akhil wanted to enter the global e-commerce market but lacked the knowledge and insights for doing so. This is when Eunimart came into picture and was approached by him. They provided him with expert guidance and support to go global with e-commerce business strategies.


Eunimart helped in selecting the best market to target internationally which was the US market through the correct knowledge about the related norms. They guided U&F in targeting the best marketplaces and successfully onboarded on Amazon.


Eunimart’s integrated shipping strategies were incorporated for seamless fulfillment of orders abroad with help of well managed warehousing and order management system. It helped facilitate on-time delivery service hence developing good customer experience and loyalty.


Inventory being one of the most crucial part of any e-commerce business, needs to be managed properly. Eunimart helped U&F by integrating their inventory management system across borders with low storage costs and suitable warehousing.


With the help and support of Eunimart, U&F   was able to access the US market through Amazon Fashion Accelerator. Eunimart guided them in launching their products in the right market in order to increase their sales. They helped reduce costs by helping U&F with managing their inventory and reaching the customers with a smooth order fulfillment system in place. This eventually led to good customer experiences and brand awareness.


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