Company / Brand

  • Vedapure

Introduction / Background

  • Vedapure Naturals is an Indian Organization of Ayurvedic & Natural Healthcare. Vedapure is well known for Shilajit Blends & furthest formulations of Capsules. Vedapure Naturals portfolio today includes four front runners with distinct brand identities – Vedapure as the sovereign brand for pure and natural healthcare products, RockGold for premium personal and healthcare, Healthmeds for 100% hereditary healthcare and Regal Essence for Ultimate Solutions for Beauty by History Royals.
  • All herbs are carefully gathered by hand before being ground whilst still maintaining all the freshness and goodness before being safely packed to start its beautiful voyage to you, ensuring the benefits you enjoy are as fresh and nutritious as the day they were harvested. Our all products are lovingly grown by small scale farmers carefully selected and monitored by our team in India. 

Digital Presence (Pre-Eunimart

Geographic Presence (Pre-Eunimart)

  • India

Financials (Pre-Eunimart)

  • Monthly GMV – 150,000 INR
  • Manpower cost – 20 People engaged in the eCommerce business
  • Marketing Investment – 15% Investment
  • # of SKUs – 25 SKU

Challenges / Issues

  • Limited traffic in domestic marketplaces
  • Lack of understanding for cross border selling
  • No presence in International Marketplaces

Solutions by Eunimart

Onboarding Date

  • June 20 2020

International Expansion

  • Grew from 6 domestic channels to access 4 International Regions (USA, UEA, SEA, NP)

Growth in Marketplaces

  • From 6 to 10 marketplaces.  Amazon IN,Flipkart,1mg,myntra,nykaa,snapdeal,Amazon AE, Bonanza, Zifiti,Shopee SG, Daraz NP

Omni Channel

  • Ecommerce Marketplaces Integration on Unified Platform for Multichannel Ecommerce Management (Domestic & Crossborder)


  • SKU count grew from 25 to 50

Account Health

  • Improved and maintained Good Account Health ratings in all Marketplaces.

Branded Tools

  • A+ Content is implemented in Amazon 
  • Amazon Brand store to be developed

Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Managed user shipping (domestic and international) with improved costs

Inventory Management

  • Achieved Prime status for seller
  • FBA enabled
  • Replicated into 2 warehouses

Data Science

  • SEO performed
  • Data analysis was performed and pricing recommendations were provided.
  • Customer segmentation and Geographic study to be performed.

Business Advisory / Expert Guidance

  • Advisory on GTM for Crossborder Selling
  • Cross Border Account Management Consultation
  • Advisory to go for region were demand of the products hight i.e SG and US

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