WI Retail




Men’s accessories


The year was 2012 and the moment was pivotal, it was the time when Indian sellers started entering the market of Ecommerce. That’s when Mr Azeem thought of starting WI Retail, a brand that would make it easy for men to find their suitable vibe through accessories. 

The aim of starting WI Retail was to provide the right accessories for men, which would add a unique touch of individuality in their style statement. Products of WI Retail offer the right blend of quality, style and value. Whether it’s formal or traditional attire WI Retail has everything that would flaunt any look with a touch of urbanity.


WI retail found success with the product line they chose, but like any growing retail brand they faced difficulties in managing shipping and as a result, they were running short on the profit scale.

Not just that, they had difficulties in taking their business to the international markets. They were doing good in the domestic market, but when it came to international waters, nothing helped them scale.

The other thing that was problematic for WI retail was managing inventory. The inability to keep inventory quantities in sync is a problem that many retail brands go through, and it was something that WI retail too found difficult.

Additionally, manually listing became an issue for WI Retail, as every channel has different listing requirements, and multiple product templates are hard to manage manually.


When it came to planning for the many complexities of international marketplace selling, WI Retail knew that they needed to get guidance from the industry experts. Here is how Eunimart helped WI Retail scale.

Backend Support: Right from the start, WI Retail has relied on the insights of our industry experts, which helped them in gaining a long term relationship with Lazada, Shopee, and Bonanza among others. With day-to-day support from the Eunimartians, WI Retail grew their understanding of the current challenges and changes in market demand.

Inventory Management: Eunimart’s integrated inventory management system helped WI Retail in managing their inventory, as inventory is the soul of an Ecommerce business. Eunimart helped them deliver customer promises by orchestrating smarter Inventory management.

International Marketplace: Eunimart helped them in identifying and targeting the right marketplaces internationally. Lazada, Shopee, and Bonanza were the marketplaces that helped them drive more sales to the business. 

Shipping: Eunimart’s integrated shipping features and amazing order fulfilment options helped WI Retail build an active relationship with customers and helped them establish customer loyalty while finding new customers.

Listing: Eunimart helped WI Retail by providing listing services guided by our expert teams. The platform offered them an AI-based platform for all our management needs at different channels.


By using Eunimart’s solutions, WI Retail gained access to international marketplaces, including Malaysia, Singapore and the USA. Eunimart assisted them in launching their products in the right market where their products are in great demand, this helped them in increasing their sales massively. They have managed to scale their order count to around 300+ after onboarding with Eunimart.

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