SAAS-The Future of Global Ecommerce Market

SAAS-The Future of Global Ecommerce Market
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Introduction to SaaS

The current stature of Ecommerce has reached a pioneering level. It is not only burgeoning within the national boundaries but also emerging lucrative in the international arena. However, for aspirant online sellers seeking to go global, it is difficult to manage funds for all the processes separately in order to sell internationally; it is risky as well. This is exactly where a SaaS platform (an already integrated platform) comes into play. ‘Software as a Service’ is a type of software delivery model or application wherein all the relevant data to be used are centrally hosted (in cloud format) and are accessed by users with a web browser. The widespread use of self-hosted Ecommerce archetypes for selling globally started from 2010 onwards; since then, SaaS platforms have continuously been used for effortless cross-border Ecommerce.

Advantages of SaaS Platform for Global Ecommerce

Until a couple of years back, sellers and brands needed to purchase, develop and maintain IT infrastructures in order to keep cross-border Ecommerce seamlessly going on. Despite the exponential expenses that had to be incurred for the same, there was no other alternative. With the introduction of SaaS, sellers and brands have the facility to plug-in and subscribe to a common integrated platform for all services associated with global Ecommerce through the internet. This platform has become indispensable for some of its undeniable benefits which may be listed as follows:
  • Fast operation: Nothing like being able to be live and running on the top international online marketplaces in just a matter of days; SaaS, as such, ensures fast operational processes. Since time is money in Ecommerce, faster the Return on Investment (ROI), better the future prospects of the online business.
  • Seamless integration: It offers a multitenant architecture that enables meeting global Ecommerce customer demands impeccably. Many SaaS platforms offer APIs that help to integrate with current ERP systems or other such business systems.
  • Reduced manual labour: Since no staff is required for handling the entire infrastructure or integrating the systems, manual labour gets reduced thereby saving a lot of time and energy.
  • Cost-effectiveness: It is definitely one of the most cost-effective software used for cross-border Ecommerce. With the option to choose from different pricing models, SaaS enables online businesses to save money for making investments in other ventures.
  • On-time painless upgrade: The software is designed and developed in such a smart manner that it gets automatically upgraded to the latest levels of innovation. Also, there is no requirement to increase bandwidth for usage with an increase in customer base; SaaS platform manages time-to-time updates all by itself. As such, the software is always updated to function seamlessly for global online selling.

Is there any Global Ecommerce Enabler with Comprehensive SaaS Platform?

Though the benefits of using SaaS platform for global Ecommerce is quite clear, it may come as a complete surprise that there are only far and few global Ecommerce enablers providing such solutions. Eunimart, India’s first B2B cross-border Ecommerce aggregator, offers an ‘all-in-all’ SaaS suite in this regard. Eunimart’s SaaS solutions offer a single platform for integrated applications that combine global Ecommerce functionality with Strategy & Planning, Ecommerce Technology, Fulfilment Solutions and Digital Cataloging.

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