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Paytm is a mobile wallet service launched in 2010 to help users store money in their virtual wallets that they can use for online transactions. It has also diversified into the E-commerce space under the brand name Paytm Marketplace. Any individual, partnership firms, Limited liability entities, private or public limited companies who want to sell their product on the Paytm seller portal can register as a seller on this platform.


How To Create A Seller Account On Paytm

To create a seller account on Paytm, you will need a set of documents to prove the existence of your business. You can submit them on the Paytm seller portal along with providing other details. Once Paytm approves of these documents, you can register on their platform to start selling your merchandise.


How Can Sellers Register On Paytm- Steps Involved

Once you follow the below steps and complete the registration process, you can fulfill the Paytm orders of your customers with ease:

Register your business so that you can conduct transactions as a registered sellerOpening a current account in any bank under the name of your business by submitting the required documentation.
Apply for GST Registration as you need to possess a valid GSTIN number to sell on an E-commerce marketing platform
Registering on Paytm seller portal by submitting the relevant documents and details
Signing a Partnership deed with Paytm
You are setting up a seller dashboard to catalog your products and start receiving Paytm orders.

Documents Required For Sellers To Sell On Paytm

You will need several documents to register on the Paytm seller portal to become a registered seller. The list includes:

Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership deed, which bears the name and contact details of the entity registering as a Paytm Seller
PAN card
A canceled cheque of the Bank Account which will receive the payments
GST registration
Aadhaar Card
A document that shows the proof of Address of the entity. It could be your Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Passport copy, or any other document which Paytm Seller will accept.

How Do Sellers Manage Their Inventory On The Paytm Seller Portal

Any Paytm seller needs robust inventory management systems to run their business on this portal. This process helps them to place their entire catalog of products on the website. Paytm’s order management services provide sellers the benefit of getting a consolidated view of available stock across all their warehouses on a real-time basis. This process helps the sellers by preventing any stock outs that can hinder their order fulfillment capabilities. This process also allows the seller to complete multiple customer orders across different locations without major hassles to ensure business continuity.

Benefits Of Selling On Paytm

Know more about why you should sell on Paytm-

Sell on Paytm for Vast Customer Base –

Paytm Marketplace helps sellers save on marketing and advertising expenses by cataloging on this platform.

Sell on Paytm with Attractive offers–

Paytm is constantly looking to engage its buyers and sellers by providing coupons, cashback, and other offers.

Ease of Tracking Payments while Selling on Paytm –

This helps businesses deal with the possible backlog in terms of lag in payments.

Sell on Paytm with Optimum Customer Service –

Paytm has a robust 24*7 customer support for their sellers to resolve urgent queries at any time of day

Need Help? We Have Got You Covered

Eunimart helps businesses in centralizing their selling channels on one dashboard. It also helps them track multiple orders without any hassles. It also allows sellers to analyze the volume and value of transactions to help make critical business decisions. You can visit the following website to understand more about Eunimart’s seller dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell on Paytm without GST?

You can only sell your items in tax exempted categories as a seller if you have a pan card, otherwise you need a GSTIN number to sell other products.

Is it good to sell on Paytm?

Selling on Paytm can be beneficial as it has a good customer base. It provides you different business solutions to grow your business.

 Does Paytm business need KYC?

Once you become a paytm merchant it is not mandatory to do KYC. You can still get your money through paytm. But it is advised to complete the KYC process.

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