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About the company

The brand Sojanya is owned by celebrated “Daulat Ram Om Prakash” group. The company owns several outlets all around Delhi while its main unit is located at Chandni Chowk in Delhi. In the year 1958, the team took a step to enter the apparel business and has been trending since then. With more than 6 decades of serving as a renowned brand for quality clothing, the company has efficiently created a loyal customer base with a vision to expand further.

USP of the company

The seller, Sojanya is listed at multiple marketplaces which include names such as Zilingo, Ebay, Zifiti, Wish, Lazada, Amazon, Bonanza, and Souq. The solely export men’s ethnic wear that comes with the feasibility of customization as per the latest trend in the market. Sojanya being a manufacturer has the suitability of manufacturing the required amount of products as per market demand. The products flaunt an indo-western touch that has been introduced in an effort to grab the attention of the western audience.


Although we had been working at the national platform for decades, entering the international market was a major step, and we were skeptical about the chances of making a profit, especially with the minimal knowledge of the western market.

Even after we tried getting our products out in the international market, profits were all scaling down with our poor choice for logistics that introduced staggeringly high landing prices.

Not just that, we had difficulties for the management of inventories for the international market. We were equipped to handle the offline and online transaction of the domestic market, but nothing helped us scale better in the international waters.

Our products were created with the local size in mind, but we had no clue about the western size chart which resulted in a high return ratio.


After multiple wrong decisions, we finally landed with a name that helped us go live at multiple marketplaces with proper content optimization. As expected, our sales went up with better visibility of our products in the market.

Currently, we flaunt a dominant presence in South East Asian countries along with expanded reach throughout the U.S. as well as countries in the middle east.

We have been able to sell our products, not just in India but way beyond the reach we previously had. As a company, we have evolved into something bigger, and now we are unstoppable. Had we not thought of Eunimart, our dream of expanding beyond India wouldn’t have been possible.

Now, everything we do is streamlined, with minimal return rates and increase in the sales ratio with every passing day.


Before I got in touch with the Eunimart representatives, I had a very faint idea of the international marketplace which wasn’t enough for me as a seller to jump aboard the bandwagon. I knew that it would have turned south if I started trading with no knowledge of the international waters.

I waited patiently, trying to know more about the trading stances beyond the country, but all in vain. I found no reliable source to get that information until Eunimart happened to me. They helped me gain insights about the current marketplace that is known to few. Moreover, I got to know that different countries come with their own special rules or regulations for products coming in from other countries.

I got to learn that smart logistics was a great option for reducing the return rate. After it was paired with a reduced cost for shipment, our products scaled the charts with competitive prices in the market.

Eunimart’s smart ERP system actually proved beneficial for my business. I could easily manage and monitor the inventories, both in domestic as well as international market.

Return rates were too high, and it was difficult to send the shipment back. However, Eunimart provided our company with the option of multiple warehouses located in different countries. This helped us manage the returns while helping with the storage of products for faster and cost-effective delivery.


After we came upon an agreement to change the content as well as the banners for better adaptability in the western market, we realized that the buyers could actually connect with the products. Now, we are growing at the rate of 45 percent MOM while we have successfully established brand loyalty with returning buyers from various countries.

The best part about seeking help from Eunimart was the fact that we started receiving bulk orders and now we had ample storage solutions with proper and affordable logistics options. The thin line between loss and profit has expanded, and now we trade with minimal loss or returns.

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