Build Powerful Reports with Ease

Managing your reports and automating them has never been this much fun

Data Management and insightful reporting. Built on the back of Big Data Management and sophisticated cloud architecture, Vdezi allows you to draw insights with ease

Build powerful custom reports or use pre-built templates. We understand the need for detailed reports that vary with the needs of your business.

Interesting dynamic dashboards and quick action reports. We built delightful dashboards everywhere so that you dont have to hunt for them when you need it

The power of Big Data Management and Cloud Architecture​

When using Eunimart, you don’t need to access enterprise software separately to build powerful reports. Our team of Data Scientists have worked hard to create a highly sophisticated Big Data Management system coupled with Cloud Infrastructure. This enables us to manage huge amounts of data and build exciting reports on the go. Our understanding of building sophisticated Artificial Intelligence platforms and tools gives us an unique understanding of how to build these reports. Beautiful UI automation help bring these reports to life and support you to find insights hidden deep within the data.

Build powerful custom reports or use pre-built templates​

We understand the kind of reports that brands need when looking to make sense of their data. So, we went ahead and built some interesting templates that you can start using without requiring much customization. This is also very useful for businesses which don’t have a separate analytics team and will find it difficult to build custom reports. However, we also understand that analytics teams want to create custom reports. Hence, we made the system highly flexible to allow you to play around with the data and build special reports specific to your business which will help you take great decisions.

Interesting dynamic dashboards and quick action reports for easy access​

The Eunimart platform is a complete end-to-end suite of solutions for brands looking to scale their businesses. As such, we built beautiful dashboards that bring to life your business. These dashboards are present in every section of the platform, allowing you the ease of access to use specific sections as needed. The quick action reports built in the dashboards are also highly intuitive and are meant for businesses to easily draw conclusions and take further action without needing to create highly sophisticated reports which take time. All levels of users can find insights about the work they do!



The fashion industry is highly competitive and dynamic. Automate inventory, shipping and workflows to save time, repetitive costs and increase profits with Eunimart.

Fashion Accessories

Manage multiple marketplace accounts with our ecommerce automation taking care of repetitive tasks like inventory management, cataloging and order management.


The FMCG industry is highly dynamic and is growing rapidly. Manage inventory across all your channels of sales and automate shipping and workflows to save time, repetitive costs and increase profits with Eunimart.

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