Supply Chain has never been this Ezi

Warehousing, Distribution, Franchisees, Freight, Courier, Postal – Simply Ezi, Simply Global

Local and Global Warehousing. Manage all your warehousing needs on Eunimart. Add multiple warehouses, manage complex workflows. Manage your international warehouses, FBA and virtual warehousing

Sourcing, vendor management and distribution management. Manage domestic and global sourcing, franchisees, distributors on one integrated Supply Chain Management System connected to your channels of sales

Integrated Supply Chain Management System with Retail and Ecommerce. Easily automate your Retail Points of Sale, your Eecommerce Channels and streamline your fulfillment

Manage your domestic and global warehousing needs on a single platform

Eunimart’s Warehouse Management System and Virtual Warehouse Management System are built to scale with your business. We understand what brands need when they start off or when they seek to scale their business across markets, different channels of sales. Irrespective of size, scale, ambitions or existing infrastructure, Eunimart’s Supply Chain Management System will be a fit. For ecommerce merchants looking to use FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or looking for warehouse partners in other countries, we have integrated multiple global solutions and built a Virtual Warehouse Management System. For businesses looking to manage their warehouses effectively, our Local Warehouse Management System is a great choice.

Manage domestic and global sourcing, franchisees, distributors on the integrated SCMS

Connect all your Supply Chain and Distribution needs on one platform. Whether you are sourcing from Indian or International ecommerce platforms or managing your own vendors, our sourcing module is built for brands scaling their business. Easy automation and rules enable brands to reduce repetitive work and bring efficiency into the system. Managing franchisees or distributors has never been so easy for brands. Connect all your distributors or vendors and give them their own accounts to manage while you get full visibility into their sales through a master account. Going global is indeed Ezi with Eunimart.

Automate your Retail POS and Ecommerce Channels and streamline your fulfillment

The power of Eunimart’s Supply Chain Management System is derived from the easy integrations and rule based automation we have built for all the Retail Points of Sales and Ecommerce channels, marketplaces and stores, domestic and global. Brands find our easy to use modules connected with the sales channels the perfect solution to bring down costs and increase revenues. Faster shipping, warehousing closer to the customers in different countries, being able to fulfill from closest warehouse based on PIN codes, and being able to control the shipping process end to end ensures much satisfaction from the customers.



The fashion industry is highly competitive and dynamic. Automate inventory, shipping and workflows to save time, repetitive costs and increase profits with Eunimart.

Fashion Accessories

Manage multiple marketplace accounts with our ecommerce automation taking care of repetitive tasks like inventory management, cataloging and order management.


The FMCG industry is highly dynamic and is growing rapidly. Manage inventory across all your channels of sales and automate shipping and workflows to save time, repetitive costs and increase profits with Eunimart.

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