Trust & Security

Eunimart’s security model, infrastructure, and unique capability to innovate
will help keep your organization secure.

World Class Technology

Eunimart’s application architecture meets all the quality requirements like performance, security, scalability, usability, availability, etc.
The application is built on innovative technology and provides you the best ecommerce solutions available in the market.

Scalability & Availability

Our applications are deployed in the Amazon ECS cluster. These clusters have been set up for auto-scaling. This
takes care of our application scaling requirements. The cluster has been configured for high availability.


AWS Load Balancers are used for the application and network load-balancing. Traffic will be redirected to the right instance based on the load the instance is currently addressing.

Modifiability & Maintainability

We are using a microservices architecture, in which components are independent of each other. Changing, Upgrading or Replacing a component will not affect any other component unless there is a fundamental business process change.


Our application follows a two-factor authentication, invalid authentication for 5 times in a row is blocked by the application. There is a firewall for the CDN configured to protect DDOS attack.


Our application is built with extensibility in mind. Adding a new market place or logistics partner can happen within a few days with our advanced integration technology.


Our application UI is designed based on design thinking principles and is easily understandable and usable to even a new user.

Technology Stack

Open Source and Development Languages



The fashion industry is highly competitive and dynamic. Automate inventory, shipping and workflows to save time, repetitive costs and increase profits with Eunimart.

Fashion Accessories

Manage multiple marketplace accounts with our ecommerce automation taking care of repetitive tasks like inventory management, cataloging and order management.

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