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Customer FAQs

Q1. What is Eunimart? What does it do?

Eunimart is an end-to-end ecommerce management software platform that puts control of your business in one place, from supply chain management and product sourcing to product catalog management, orders and inventory, pricing, and fulfillment. The platform is designed to make it as simple as possible for ecommerce businesses to grow organically by adding new channels of sale around the world, and then easily manage all of those channels from a single, AI-augmented control center.

Along the way, Eunimart offers powerful AI functions to help you automate repetitive business operations and gain valuable insights and forecasts from your aggregated business data. Overall, the goal of the platform is to deliver profitable organic growth, painlessly.

Q2. How will Eunimart help me grow my ecommerce business?

Growing an ecommerce business is hard. For each new channel of sale, you need to figure out warehousing, shipping, product catalog management, marketing channels, and more. If the channel is in a new country, you’ll also need to navigate the complexities of international shipping and customs. Once you’ve solved all that, you still need to manage each channel individually, updating product listings, monitoring individual inventory, and managing orders. As you start adding new channels of sale, you will need a range of software to manage orders, warehousing, and other functions.

Most brands will need to hire or outsource a software development team to integrate all the pieces of the commercial software stack. All this implies large upfront costs without any guarantee of returns, and a lack of visibility to how to actually scale your business.

Eunimart drastically simplifies every step of this process by centralizing all of your operations on one platform through API integrations and putting the tools you need at your fingertips, helping you increase revenues and optimize upfront costs. From AI-optimized product listings tailored to each market to integrated access to warehousing and 3PL services in each market you sell in, Eunimart simplifies and streamlines every step of organic growth and multichannel, cross-border ecommerce management.

Q3. How long will it take for me to see good results?

On average, our customers see their revenues double in the first 12 months of using Eunimart, while their operational costs drop by 20%. Customers who integrate all of their channels of sale immediately will see the quickest cost reductions, while taking advantage of Eunimart’s ability to add and manage new channels quickly and easily will add revenue quickly. Once onboarded to Eunimart, you can begin profitably selling on a new channel of sale in about a week. We describe Eunimart’s value with the RICE model:

  • Revenue – 2x in the first 12 months
  • Intelligence (market research and insights) – Immediate
  • Cost reductions – 20% or more in the first 12 months
  • Efficiency gains – Immediate improvements once onboarded

Q4. Why should I use Eunimart instead of Channeladvisor/Global-e/Other omnichannel enablers?

Most “end-to-end” ecommerce enablement platforms for omnichannel and cross-border focus on either a) logistics and supply chain management, or b) catalog, merchandising, and marketing management. Alternatives to these platforms utilize costly account management services, or are tied to a single channel (e.g. Amazon Accelerator, Shopify Plus).

Eunimart takes a different approach. By including native support for every component of the ecommerce software stack, we offer true end-to-end integration of ecommerce operations, without the staffing costs of a consultancy or agency, with the flexibility to support any channels of sale a brand uses. Unlike our competitors, the platform enables brands to:

  • Minimize the software needed to run a multichannel international retail business
  • Reduce staffing requirements and costs
  • Leverage the benefits of a dynamic platform that scales with the business

Q5. Is Eunimart just a 3PL service?

Eunimart is not a 3PL service. We are a software company with integrated partner 3PL services. Think of us more like a 4PL with multiple 3PLs integrated into our platform.

We offer access to a wide range of 3PL and warehousing services through partnerships we’ve negotiated with service providers around the world and integrated into our platform for turnkey solutions. Most of these providers offer Eunimart customers heavily discounted rates compared to their standard rack rates, and their software is fully integrated into the Eunimart platform. Ecommerce businesses can review pricing, select a 3PL, and monitor their operations all from within the same platform.

Q6. Is Eunimart basically an ecommerce management agency?

No, we don’t operate on an agency model. Our goal is to give you easy access to all of the tools you need to grow and manage your ecommerce business across new channels of sale, whether domestic or abroad. We’re always here to help and we love working with our customers to drive success, but our goal is to empower your team to use our software tools independently.

Q7. My business is pretty small. Can Eunimart help me at all?

Eunimart adds the most value when your business is ready to take advantage of the opportunities presented by organic growth. If you are currently selling across two or more ecommerce channels, multiple types of channels (e.g. ecommerce and brick and mortar retail), or you’re interested in exploring cross-border selling, Eunimart can add value by simplifying the growth process and maximizing operational efficiency even as you expand. In their first year with Eunimart, our customers typically see their costs reduced by 30 to 35% even as their revenues double, thanks to adding new channels of sale while maximizing operational efficiency.

Q8. You call yourself an “end-to-end” ecommerce platform. What does that mean?

When we say end-to-end, we mean it. From sourcing your product to warehousing to last mile fulfillment, and from catalog and storefront management to analytics and demand forecasting, Euniamrt is a single source of truth as your commercial operations command center.

Many of the available solutions for ecommerce integration today focus either on marketing, PPC optimization, and catalog management; or on aggregating logistics and warehousing operations. Solutions that marry back-end and front-end operations are typically tied to a single channel (for example, consider the Amazon ecosystem).

Eunimart bridges these gaps by combining a full-service supply chain management platform, including pre-integrated logistics service provider partners, with a robust product and catalog management system to simplify merchandising and marketing activities. AI features help optimize and automate catalog management and webstore merchandising, as well as competitive analysis and demand forecasting. For any specialized needs or use cases not already covered by the platform we support simple custom API integrations, ensuring that the platform is both robust enough to meet the needs of fast-growing multichannel brands while remaining flexible enough to accommodate highly specific use cases.

Q9. Does Eunimart allow me to manage marketing and PPC on the platform?

Yes. In addition to a built-in marketing automation module, 3rd party marketing automation and optimization services can be integrated directly into the platform and managed centrally. However, Eunimart is not a PPC optimization service. Your existing service provider can be integrated by API to enable easy control from the same platform you use to monitor and manage the rest of your business.