Accelerating profitable organic growth requires expanding internationally. Cross-border expansion lets you realize the full potential of global ecommerce.

The challenge is that it’s not easy to simply start selling on these platforms. To add just one new sales channel, you may need to spend $100K/year to manage operations and supply chain, and hire a technology team to integrate the necessary software. The logistics can be daunting – and expensive.

Eunimart provides a single, frictionless solution for ecommerce businesses looking to sell anywhere across the world. We do this through fully integrated access to the top ecommerce platforms in over 100 countries, a lower-cost multishipping solution, and AI-powered catalog suggestions to drive purchases.


An end-to-end ecosystem for growing ecommerce brands

We deliver three layers of functionality. Each layer is designed to make expanding to new channels as simple and profitable as possible.

Operational efficiency

A fully integrated, ecommerce-native ERP platform. This enterprise resource planning platform centralizes your data, integrates with your other applications, and keeps costs down.

AI-powered automation

Powerful AI designed to leverage aggregated data to surface valuable insights, helping you efficiently meet consumer demand.

Save time and money with our 3PL and warehousing partners

A built-in marketplace of integrated 3rd party logistics and warehousing services makes it faster and cheaper to get operations up and running in each new market. We pre-negotiate discounted rates and show them to you in real time.

Frictionless expansion of cross-border operations

Selling in a new market can be unnerving. We give you solid footing with fully integrated access to 25+ of the top ecommerce platforms in over 100 countries, bringing down costs by $100K/channel annually or more.

Centralized inventory management

Eunimart’s Ecommerce Inventory Management automates domestic and cross-border sales management. This allows you to see accurate inventory data in real time from a centralized platform and make better pricing decisions for every channel and every country.

Automatic order status updates

Order status is automatically updated, so you can view every individual order. Whether the item is in warehouse inventory, being picked and packed, en route from the warehouse, or out for delivery, you can see exactly what stage your item is in – without having to log in to your warehouse or logistics software every time.

Content and keyword optimization

AI-powered catalog suggestions including pricing, product image and description, title, and localized keyword optimization. These insights enable you to go live in hours (not months) on new channels – and immediately generate sales.

Custom warehouse integration - including Amazon FBA

If you want to incorporate an existing warehouse provider relationship, or have your own warehouses you want to include, we have the ability to support custom WMS (warehouse management system) integrations.