Place your products closer to your customers

Our global network of warehouse partners help you get your products delivered to customers on time. Choose from our global network of warehouses, or get suggestions from our team of experts to ensure cost-effective, timely deliveries.

Increased speed

Pay for what you use

Better inventory counts

Speedy order fulfilment

Cost-efficient inventory

Real-time data

Local warehouses

Connect your own warehouses to Eunimart’s platform for seamless procurement, fulfilment and inventory management. Eunimart can plug into most Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), or you simply may use Eunimart’s own WMS.

Virtual warehousing

Plug into any of our global network of 3rd party warehouses and operate these warehouses virtually, as if your own, via the Eunimart platform. Outsourced Warehouses take care of everything from inbounding inventory, bookkeeping, to order processing, packaging, labelling,shipping & returns, and QC.

Warehouse management system (WMS)

It provides software solutions to small businesses to help automate and optimize warehouse functionality, order and distribution management. Eunimart’s WMS is simple, easy to use and customizable. Best suited for Warehouses and warehouse managers, Eunimart’s WMS can be used stand-alone, or plugged into your existing software solutions.


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