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      What is a brand authorization or brand approval?


      A brand authorization allows the store to prove that they are authorized to list and sell a product without infringing on intellectual property. A store or a brand is responsible so that they have the legal authority to sell each product they list. If a particular brand is selling products or branded materials, they must have brand authorization to prove that they can sell these. If they do not have this, they can face penalties or a possible suspension.

      How to add the vertical and brand on Flipkart

      Suppose you have finally decided that you want to grow your business by selling items on Flipkart and the first step that must be completed is to list the products correctly. This means that you would have to create a catalog with the product information, images, variance, description, and price.

      You must also add vertical/category and brand details when adding the product details.

      How to select the appropriate vertical?

      • Click on select vertical from the left side on the menu option
      • Then you have to enter the category under which you would like to sell
      • If you get an error message, then you can go back to “my listings “to select the desired category
      • If your desired category is not available, then you can apply for a category approval by answering some questions

      How to select the appropriate brand?

      • Once you are done selecting the category, you have to click on the” Select brand” to enter your brand details
      • You will then be taken to the next page, where you have to enter the brand’s name and then click on “check brand. “
      • If the request has been approved, then you can click on “continue “to further proceed
      • If the request is supported, you would have to click on “apply for brand approval. “

      Once everything is done, you can add the photographs, price, shipping information, product details, and other relevant information. Once all this is complete, you can forward your listing for a QC.

      The documents required to get brand approval on Flipkart

      These are the documents that are needed to get brand approval –

      1. Brand name and logo
      2. Product images with their MRP
      3. Trademark certificate
      4. Invoice copy
      5. Brand authorization letter
      6. Category-specific government license copy-for food and nutrition products

      Brand Logo

      A brand logo is essential because it lets you stand out from other brands and create your mark. You can hire professional designers to get a brand logo done for you, or you can also get it done yourself by using platforms like

      Brand tag

      Brand tag is another essential part required for any brand to create a mark of its own. It carries your brand’s name and helps make an impression on the customer who purchases your product. You can get this done from various sellers who can help you create your customized brand tag.

      Brand packaging

      Brand packaging is always encouraged because it elevates your brand to a certain degree. It then serves as an expression and helps people remember your brand easily. The brand packaging can be established by choosing your brand colors and aesthetics to create a packaging that is like no other.

      trademark or brand authorization letter

      This is one of the most important parts of brand approval on Flipkart because it gives the right to sellers to sell the products on any marketplace. If you want to become a seller, you must have a trademark or brand authorization letter. If you’re going to have one for your brand, you can visit the trademark registration for details.

      Sample of self-declaration letter for brand approval on Flipkart


      (Brand Name and Address)


      Subject: Flipkart Brand Authorization Letter

      To Whomsoever It May Concern

      This is to inform you that (Authorized Company Name) at (location) is authorized to promote, supply, sell, negotiate, hold, and distribute the services of Flipkart worldwide. The name of the brand should be visible on the products sold.

      The authorization is effective from (start date) till your authorization validity.

      Thank you.


      (Brand Owner Name)

      We hope that this article has been helpful for you to understand the process involved in how to get brand approval on Flipkart. The process is relatively easy, and you can get started as quickly as possible with the given information and start selling on Flipkart.


      How do I get a brand approval letter?

      Ans: You can get the brand authorization letter from the brand owner or the company who is eligible to authorize you as their trusted supplier or vendor. There are some brand authorization letter samples you can search on through which you can get the idea on the structure of it.

      How much time does it take for brand approval on Flipkart?

      Ans: 48 hours

      It usually takes 48 hours to process a brand approval request. If your brand is approved, you will get an email notification for support tickets on the dashboard.

      Is a trademark necessary for flipkart seller?

      Ans: No, it is not mandatory to have your trademark registered to sell on Amazon/Flipkart, but it is advised to get a trademark to avoid brand hijack.

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