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      What is the Amazon Easy Store Franchise?


      The Amazon easy store is an Amazon India initiative that helps build local businesses. Amazon’s manageable store franchise will let one begin their journey as an e-commerce seller, and with the help of Amazon’s branding, store owners will have an increased customer base. Customers will get their products delivered to their doorstep using the Amazon easy store. There are already several Amazon easy stores that have opened up across various cities in India.

      Amazon easy store franchise online registration process 

      The process of getting yourself registered is relatively easy. 


      • You can register yourself at the official website of Amazon India.
      • Next up, you must click on the Register Now button to fill out the registration form.
      • Fill out the form with all the necessary details.
      • Enter your name, mobile number, email address, and educational background. You would also have to provide information about your previous work experience and your business name.
      • Next, you would have to mention how you got to know about them.
      • The next question asks who would run the Amazon Easy store.
      • It also asks how often you shop online, and you can provide your answers from the given five options.
      • Then you have to provide the location for your Amazon Easy store and the pin code. You would also have to give a communication address with the nearest landmark.
      • It also asks if you have any other business to which she would answer yes or no.
      • The next question asks if you have a commercial space of about 200 sq. ft available or not.
      • The next question that they have is why do you want to open an Amazon easy store and what expectations do you have.
      • Once you have given all your answers, click on the “Next” button. Your application would be submitted, and the company would contact you within three business days.


      Eligibility criteria and documents required to set up an Amazon Easy store


      The company has specific eligibility criteria for anyone who wishes to open their Amazon Easy store franchise. Make sure that you read this carefully before you apply.



        • To open your Amazon easy store, you must be within the age range of 20 to 45 years
        • In terms of qualification, a person with a minimum of 12th pass can apply
        • The person must be good at marketing activities
        • They must have the ability to purchase or order products online
        • The applicant must also have a good knowledge of computers 
        • Minimum space to open the store is set at 200 square foot
        • Furthermore, the store must be located on the ground floor and the central position

      Amazon easy store investment cost, store profit, and commission structure

      Here is a detailed guide that will help you understand the investment costs, profit, and commission structure of the Amazon easy store franchise.


        • This requires a one-time investment 

        • The approximate cost for an Amazon easy store franchise is 3 lakh

        • If you end up having some extra income, then that can be used for delivery services

        • The commission that one can earn is up to 12%, and other incentives are involved.

        • The management costs for the stores are pretty low

        • If you already have an established business, then you can scale it even further with the help of the Amazon easy store

        • This initiative will help you become a member of a growing community of entrepreneurs.


      Amazon Easy ship


      Amazon easy ship is the shipping service provided by Amazon to all its sellers. When you register for an account in the marketplace, you would have to provide your pin code to see whether the location is available or not. Fortunately, it covers most of the pin codes around the country, and the service can be availed by most of the sellers.


      The process is pretty straightforward where the seller only needs 

      to pack the items once they receive an order, print a tax invoice and packing slip, and then schedule it for pick up. They also need to put a scheduled item’s actual weight and size.


      Amazon Easy Store Review


      The Amazon easy store has a great review overall because of its unique features. Sellers with began the journey have highly benefited from it, and it has already expanded across various states and union territories in the country. The entire store experience has been fantastic for many customers who have been skeptical about online shopping. Furthermore, there are places in India where internet connectivity is not that great, and hence having an Amazon easy store has been a real game-changer for such locations.


      Amazon easy store has been a significant venture for a country like India and has already seen massive success. This simple city of the entire process has made it even more popular among the people who have finally started their journey as e-commerce store owners. It has been helpful for people who want to make their online shopping experience even better.




      How much does it cost to invest in an Amazon Easy store?


      Ans: There are no fees or charges required from Amazon to set up an Amazon Easy Store. o This aforesaid amount of INR 3 lakh (approx.) will be spent in the following manner –  INR 2,60,000 will have to be directly submitted to the Marketing Partner.


      Can you franchise an Amazon store?


      Ans: No, Amazon is not a franchise. It’s offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to operate their own Amazon delivery service. Owners are expected to manage 20-40 Amazon branded vehicles. The program includes training, access to technology, and discounts on leases, insurance, fuel and uniforms.


      Is selling through Amazon profitable?


      Ans: It can be profitable to sell on Amazon as long as you can maintain a gross margin of 50% or higher. In general, Amazon will take between 25-30% of your revenues for fees.

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