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      The Benefits of WhatsApp Commerce for Businesses


      Utilizing WhatsApp for Business Needs

      Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) may not have extensive knowledge of utilizing technology platforms for their business operations. However, they are often proficient in using WhatsApp, which is a widely adopted technology in their daily lives. The familiarity with this platform can be leveraged to streamline and manage various aspects of their business operations.

      The reason why SMEs/MSMEs may not be well-versed in using technology platforms for their business needs is due to a lack of technical expertise or limited resources to invest in learning new technologies. As a result, they tend to rely on technology that they are already familiar with and that can be easily accessible and affordable, such as WhatsApp. By leveraging the platform they already know, they can minimize the time and resources needed to adapt to a new technology and focus on running their business more efficiently.

      Understanding WhatsApp Commerce

      WhatsApp commerce is a form of commerce that utilizes conversational interactions between businesses and consumers to sell products and services directly through the WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API platform. This platform can be utilized to manage sales, inventory, pricing, and customer information, as well as cataloging and inventory management. An automatic replenishment system can be implemented to prevent stock shortages. Communication is made more efficient through the use of WhatsApp, allowing businesses to address concerns and handle complaints in a streamlined manner. Additionally, financial reconciliation and payment settlements can also be handled through this platform (optional).

      The Advantages of WhatsApp Commerce

      The benefits of WhatsApp commerce are numerous. Firstly, it allows companies to connect with their customer base in a more personal and intimate manner. Secondly, it makes it easier for companies to market and sell their products and services, as the customer is already on the platform. Finally, it provides a more efficient and convenient way of running a business, as all tasks can be managed through one platform.

      What we see in WhatsApp business automation today is known as robotics process automation (RPA). This refers to the use of existing pre-built, limited templates for showing catalogs, surveying results, and templated standardized responses. However, RPA has some limitations. Firstly, it is not smart and cannot respond to inputs other than what has been programmed in the template. Secondly, it does not necessarily understand the input, it simply follows the next step that has been programmed.

      To overcome these limitations, it is important to make the responses intelligent. This can be achieved by bypassing WhatsApp’s inbuilt templates and using a wider array of inputs, such as voice messages, images, or text in different languages. This allows for a more dynamic response as if a human were chatting with the customer.

      Overcoming Limitations with Eunimart’s AI Chatbot

      Due to the constraints of technical expertise and resources, many businesses may not have a comprehensive understanding of utilizing advanced technology. As a result, they often resort to familiar and well-understood platforms such as Whatsapp. To address this issue, Eunimart offers an AI chatbot with Whatsapp Skin. This natural language-based chatbot has the ability to recognize customer intent and can be utilized for various purposes such as customer service, marketing, consultation, and processing orders.

      The AI chatbot with WhatsApp Skin offered by Eunimart provides a solution for customer care and CRM, including issues and grievance management. The chatbot can handle everything through WhatsApp, from addressing retailer queries and grievances to sales and replenishment. The chatbot uses WhatsApp, conversational AI, and Indic languages to help small retailers access the catalog, place orders, and manage replenishment. The system integrates with the retailer’s systems, enabling the fulfillment of orders by distributors. Retailers can also raise issues and handle grievances through this platform.

      By using the AI chatbot with WhatsApp Skin offered by Eunimart, the key benefits include faster seller onboarding, streamlined cataloging, and more efficient order management, processing, and fulfillment through a WhatsApp interface.

      In conclusion, WhatsApp commerce is a model of conversational commerce that offers businesses a unique way to connect with customers and sell their products and services directly on the WhatsApp Business platform. With millions of active users, WhatsApp has become a popular platform for businesses to reach their target audience, and this trend is only set to grow. Eunimart offers an AI chatbot with WhatsApp Skin, which allows businesses to manage customer care, CRM, and sales directly from WhatsApp. The AI chatbot is equipped with conversational AI, Indic languages, and the ability to handle queries, grievances, and orders. This provides a quick, easy, and efficient way for businesses to manage their sales and customer interactions, leading to faster seller onboarding, easier cataloging, and improved order management, fulfillment, and processing.

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