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      Shopify Collab: An introduction & Perspectives


      If you are an ecommerce brand, you’ve heard of/tried/been wondering about influencer marketing. It’s the latest in driving demand that’s been circulating in the marketing world for the last couple of years, and it’s only getting bigger.

      But have you heard of Shopify Collab? This new feature allows influencers to connect with stores to do more than promote products. They can work together to create more personalized and meaningful content. It’s like a dream come true for marketers, but what does this mean for influencers and brands?

      Through Shopify Collabs, creators can discover and partner with brands on the ecommerce platform—and tap into its millions of users.

      The Role of Influencer Marketing in Growing Brands

      In today’s world, it’s not enough to just have a good product or service. Your brand needs to be visible, and it needs to be memorable. That’s where influencer marketing comes in.

      How does it work?

      It’s effortless. You find someone with many followers in your target market, then offer them something in exchange for posting about your product. The more followers they have and the better they engage with their followers, the more valuable they are to you as an influencer.

      As a result, these brands can reach an audience they might never have been able to reach through traditional advertising methods like television and radio ads. Influencers can create more dynamic content themselves that connects with their followers on a personal level, and they have access to real-time feedback about what works (and doesn’t work) for their business.

      The benefits of influencer marketing go beyond just getting your brand in front of more people. It enables you, as a founder or head of growth, to get feedback from actual customers about what they want from your company. It enables your customers to see themselves reflected in your company’s mission or vision. And most importantly, it gives them something to talk about.

      How Shopify Collab Enables Influencers and Brands to Come Together

      Many creators can’t make a living off of their work. Finding brands to sponsor them and negotiating deals takes up time they could be spending on content creation.

      Shopify Collabs makes it easy for creators to build curated shops by discovering and partnering with merchants and sharing products that reflect their interests. Imagine if Pinterest and Instagram had a child that grew up to do ecommerce. Well, you get the idea. The launch of Linkpop and Starter and their collaboration with other entertainment platforms has cemented Shopify’s position as one of the top platforms for content creators.

      Despite the large number of creators, the total value of all merchandise created by independent artists and entrepreneurs is only a small fraction of total ecommerce market size. Most creators earn so little from their work that they can’t live off of their money.

      Solo creators often struggle to connect with brands interested in working with them but don’t know where (or how) to find these niche independent makers. Shopify Collabs will let brands and creators work together to create new products, making it easier for independent artists and entrepreneurs to make money from their projects while giving big companies a new way of reaching customers.

      How Collabs Help Creators to Connect with what they Love

      To become a Shopify Collabs artist, creators apply for an account and search for brands that match their fanbase. Once they discover brands that fit their lifestyle and values, creators can partner with those merchants to share products from the newly discovered company on social media using Linkpop. 

      Creators earn a commission for product sales made by people who click on links they share. This is all done within the Shopify Collabs platform. Starting from discovery to payouts.

      “Shopify is where the world’s best independent brands go to build their businesses. With Shopify Collabs, we’re making it simple for creators to discover and partner with these brands so they can make more money and reach economic independence,” says Amir Kabbara, Director of Product, Shopify.

      He mentions that Collabs aims to completely integrate with Shopify, helping creators to make their voices heard through its platform and furthering the careers of those who want to start businesses.

      The Journey of Shopify Collabs towards becoming a Creator’s Favorite Platform

      Shopify Collabs is our latest step in building for creators and making new modes of commerce possible for merchants of all kinds. Here’s what else creators and merchants can do today on Shopify:

      1. Creators can launch simple, mobile-friendly stores with Shopify’s Starter plan, a $5 no-code version that new entrepreneurs and freelancers can use to get their wares in front of consumers. The creators share links to their products on popular platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, or TikTok—or link directly from Linkpop.
      2. Collabs lets creators use Linkpop to make their bio-link clickable to share products wherever they engage with consumers and check out quickly.
      3. It also enables creators to connect directly with Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, and Google to increase customer engagement.

      Can Shopify Collabs Reshape the Future of Influencer Marketing?

      Shopify Collabs is built on the idea that everyone wins when brands and influencers work together to create meaningful content for both parties. By creating content together, brands can build deeper connections with their audience, while influencers gain access to new audiences they might not have been able to reach before.

      It’s an innovative platform that allows brands to connect with influencers and micro-influencers in a simple yet effective way. Instead of having to go through all the trouble of finding an influencer who fits your brand’s needs, Shopify Collabs makes it easy for you to find someone the platform has already vetted.

      Shopify Collabs allows influencers not just to create content but to feature products from a brand on their channels – from Instagram Stories to Youtube videos. It’s an exciting new way for brands and influencers to collaborate and redefine the future of influencer marketing.

      At Eunimart, we have been asking questions and framing problems on behalf of brands, retailers and supply chain companies. Our vision is to help companies generate more revenue with a futuristic approach and growth trajectory. We have built a full stack of AI tools to bolster revenue, supply chain and omnichannel distribution combined with an incredibly flexible and advanced open source platform equipped with multiple tools to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs who dare to dream, including those who are building/have built platforms similar to Shopify Collab.


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