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Success is our mission
Our purpose at Eunimart is to power success for brands

USP and Value Proposition

Increase revenues – Potential to increase cross-border sales by 2x–3x over the first 12 months.


Access to the global markets.


Ecosystem. Localized shipping, warehousing, payments, etc.


Intelligence tools to forecast, analyse and optimize business processes.


Operations tools for effective management and reduction in costs.


Unified Platform to leverage the power of data and automation.

Actionable Insights

Product Insights (Pricing, Content, Image)

Competition Mapping (Product, Strategy, Pricing)

Market Analysis (Size, Feasibility, Documentation)

Supply Chain Management (Inventory planning, route optimization)

Tangible Savings

Overall up to 70% drop in costs.

Logistics cost reduction of approx. 50%

Why our Value Proposition Trumps all other Solutions

Value Propositions


Increased Revenues




Reduction in costs


Increase in Efficiency

One-Stop Solution that addresses the needs of the entire market

  • SOHOs can access for free
  • SMEs can use DIY and scale globally
  • Large Enterprises can use our API

Deeptech Capabilities

  • Built using deep tech – AI, ML, NLP in most features
  • Highly scalable microservices architecture that matches the largest ERPs
  • Four layered security architecture

Value for All

We cover all four Value propositions that digital businesses can provide – Increased Revenues, intelligence, Efficiency and reduced Costs (R I C E). All other aggregators only cover costs and efficiencies.



The fashion industry is highly competitive and dynamic. Automate inventory, shipping and workflows to save time, repetitive costs and increase profits with Eunimart.

Fashion Accessories

Manage multiple marketplace accounts with our ecommerce automation taking care of repetitive tasks like inventory management, cataloging and order management.

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